National Geographic: Amazing Planet [3 series of 3] / National Geographic: Удивительная планета [3 серии из 3] (2007) [Repost]

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National Geographic: Amazing Planet [3 series of 3] / National Geographic: Удивительная планета [3 серии из 3] (2007)
BDRip | MKV | AVC 1920x1080, 11.9 Mbps | 3 x ~ 50 mn | 3 x ~ 4.5 Gb
English: АС3, 6 ch, 448 kbps; Russian: АС3, 6 ch, 384 kbps
Genre: Documentary

The earth is vibrant in color and motion, startling in its variety of shapes and textures, and awe-inspiring in its grace and power. But, many of the Earth's most spectacular conjuring tricks unfold in a timeframe that is imperceptible to mere humans. For Amazing Planet, National Geographic has teamed up with NASA and the US Geological Survey to create a 4-D planet Earth-an eye-popping CGI time machine that makes it possible to see in seconds what took eons to create. Witness the bumper-car antics of continents; ice ages pulsing out of the poles and back again; the Himalayas surging upwards; the march of sand dunes swallowing and then uncovering African villages.

Название: National Geographic: Удивительная планета
Оригинальное название: National Geographic: Amazing Planet
Год выпуска: 2007
Жанр: Документальный
Выпущено: США / NGHT, Inc.

О фильме: Земля, переливаясь всеми цветами радуги, не только не перестает удивлять нас своим разнообразием форм и структур, но и поражает наше воображение мощью тех процессов, которые происходят на ней. Однако, большая часть таких процессов занимает столь большой период времени, что человек не в состоянии охватить их на всем протяжении. Благодаря использованию программы четырехмерной графики, созданной специально для этого фильма телекомпанией National Geographic совместно с НАСА и Службой геологической съемки США, нам предоставляется уникальная возможность увидеть за считанные секунды то, что происходило с нашей Землей на протяжении многих миллионов лет. Мы сможем увидеть столкновения континентов, череду ледниковых периодов и периодов засухи, возникновение и исчезновение целых материков и океанов...

Качество: BDRip (1080p)
Видео: MPEG-4 AVC, ~ 11.9 Мбит/с, 1920x1080
Аудио: Русский (АС3, 6 ch, 384 Кбит/с), английский (АС3, 6 ch, 448 Кбит/с)
Продолжительность: 3 х ~ 00:50:30
Перевод: Дублированный
Размер: 3 x ~ 4.5 ГБ

Episodes / Серии:
1. Рожденная в огне / Born of Fire
2. Жизнь океанов / Ocean Realm
3. Разрушительные силы природы / Destructive Forces

Episode 1: Рожденная в огне / Born of Fire

Why is the Earth so restless? What causes the ground to shake violently, volcanoes to explode, and great mountain ranges to rise to incredible heights? National Geographic takes viewers on the visual ride of their lives, introducing them to our Amazing Planet in high-def! Hold on tight to our time-machine as we propel you backwards and forwards through the geological history of a little rock we call home - Earth. Episode one brings you up close and personal -above and below the surface -speeding you through our lava driven world. We start at the beginning, in an obscure corner of the universe, where a relatively unremarkable galaxy is showing signs of planetary progress. These initial, violent growing pains are just a precursor to Earth's internal struggle to define itself. Watch how forces at work push and pull to constantly reshape the world around us. Join us for a mesmerizing and eyebrow-singeing adventure- past, present and future - on a place called Earth'a truly Amazing Planet.

Screenshots (click to enlarge to original size):

Episode 2: Жизнь океанов / Ocean Realm

Beautiful, bewildering, and bizarre - our oceans dominate our planet. How did they form? Why haven't they evaporated? Starting with the primordial weather burped out of the molten earth and rained back to earth as liquid; join us as we investigate the awesome power of our water world. Hold on tight as our time-machine propels you backwards and forwards through the geological history of a little rock we call home - Earth. We'll journey from the mind-bending beauty of coral reef shallows to the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench glimpsing everything in between. We'll take a tempestuous ride as the great oceans generate our wildest weather, and we'll even get to take a peak into our ocean's future. Join National Geographic for this hypnotic and colorful adventure- past, present and future - on a place called Earth... a truly Amazing Planet.

Screenshots (click to enlarge to original size):

Episode 3: Разрушительные силы природы / Destructive Forces

Why do mountains have a triangular shape? How much rain must fall to start a river? How does one grain of sand become an entire dune? Join National Geographic as we show you how the Dynamos of Destruction sculpt our Amazing Planet. But hold on tight, because this is no ordinary view. Our time machine will sling shot you back to the formation of Earth's first continent, then propel you through billions of years of geologic evolution to see the Earth as we know it today. A little dizzy? That's just the beginning. We will release you in raging rapids, twirl you in whirling winds and drop you from the tops of gigantic glaciers. Watch in dazzling HD how the Earth starts to erode, from water, wind, and ice, to sculpt our Amazing Planet.

Screenshots (click to enlarge to original size):

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