VistaXT V. 2 Vista Theme

Posted By: lsdmeasap2
VistaXT V. 2 Vista Theme

VistaXT V. 2 Vista Theme | 16.8 MB

In this version there has been a lot of changes:

-Finally a Vista Basic skin is included
-Almost every resource like overlays on buttons, task bar buttons everything has been re-coloured purple. Pretty much anything that was blue is now purple
-New Start Button again
-New start Panel
-Double height start button now included instead of the stock vista one
-New login branding of "Windows VistaXT"
-Clear glass on the windows now
-"Winver" (Click run the type winver) branding of VistaXT
-New darker close minimize and maximize icons on the buttons
-Clear glass windows border, not foggy anymore
-New logon buttons