Passcape Win CD Keys v2.2.1.130

Posted By: catchmeifucan
Often you have to access your Windows or Office license (CD) keys in order to install/reinstall the software or to find out if it's legally purchased. Passcape Win CD Keys is a program that can help you recover lost CD keys for the currently installed Microsoft products: Windows, Office, Visual Studio, FrontPage, OneNote, Visio, Money, SQL and other products (not listed here) that store their keys in the Windows registry.

:: Recover CD keys stored in the Windows Registry;
:: Choose between two (automatic and manual) recovery modes;
:: Decrypt CD keys directly from Windows registry files. If your system is unbootable, just copy 'Software' registry file to a floppy or flash drive and then feed it to PWCDKEY;
:: Export passwords to text, html or excel files;
:: Prevent an unauthorized program execution;
:: Multilingual passwords support;
:: Friendly wizard interface;
:: detailed help;
:: Install/uninstall support.
:: Passcape Winn CD Keys v2 has some new features and improvements. Now it is compatible with Windows Vista and LongHorn product keys (however it seems that activated Vista won't store it's product key in the registry any more), has new functionality to retrieve custom keys. PWCDKEY contains built-in definitions for more than 390 software products. You can use this sample to create your own key definition templates. Just edit it and save as licenses.ini into the program's installation directory.

Windows® 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003, less than 2 Mb on your hard drive.