Transcendata CADfix v7.1

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Transcendata CADfix v7.1

Transcendata CADfix v7.1 | 260 MB

CADfix provides a solution for the problems of data exchange and re-use between different engineering systems and applications. It allows the user to import CAD data and then to repair and manipulate it to a form most suitable for the downstream application - with the main objective of eliminating expensive CAD model repair and rework. The CADfix Wizard offers an automatic processing capability for fixing the data to a valid well connected face or solid model. The Wizard is supported by an extensive set of interactive geometry manipulation tools for use as required.

CADfix also offers model defeaturing utilities which are very popular with CAE analysis users who defeature the model with operations such as the joining or collapsing of short edges and small faces, and automatic hole removal.

The CADfix geoemtry preparation process then makes sure that the model is suitably flavoured for the downstream application. This includes detecting and repairing badly parameterised surfaces, twisted or folded surfaces and simplifying overly complex entities - all within user controlled tolerances.
Product summary

CADfix is a suite of translation and repair tools for engineering product data. The result of two decades of ongoing research and development, CADfix offers true interoperability between a comprehensive selection of CAD, CAM and CAE systems through an unrivalled series of automatic and manual geometry manipulation tools.
Who should use CADfix?
CADfix is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to:
• share product data between departments or with customers and suppliers
• reuse solid model geometry in different classes of CAD/CAM/CAE applications
• recover legacy data that would otherwise need to be remodelled from scratch

What are the key features and benefits?
By enabling effective engineering data interoperability, CADfix removes significant barriers that can hamper the reuse of solid models. Without CADfix, users of downstream applications have little alternative but to rework models from scratch. Research suggests that remodelling can consume as much as 80 percent of the length of a typical engineering project, time that can only be considered wasted. With CADfix, little or no rework is necessary and engineers are free to spend their time doing what they’re being paid for. Experience has shown that CADfix pays for itself in productivity gains within the first few months.

What CAD systems are supported?
CATIA V4 & V5, CADDS5, Pro/E, UG, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, AutoCAD and others via ACIS, Parasolid, IGES (flavored & standard), STEP, STL and VDAFS.