TouchCursor v1.2.2 Build 651

Posted By: catchmeifucan
TouchCursor v1.2.2 Build 651

TouchCursor v1.2.2 Build 651 | 1.03 MB

Cursor keys for touch typists. Does reaching for the cursor keys disrupt your typing flow? TouchCursor lets you use the home keys as cursor keys – in all Windows programs – keeping your fingers in the best position for fast typing. Try it for yourself!

What does it do?
:: Lets you use the home keys as cursor navigation keys.
:: Works with all Windows applications (but lets you disable it on a per-application basis).
:: Uses the space bar like an extra Shift key for one-handed operation (but still lets you type spaces).
:: Runs automatically in the background.
:: Doesn't interfere with existing keyboard shortcuts.

What can you do with it?
:: Perform edits and navigate interfaces faster, with less hand movement.
:: Combine key presses with Shift, Ctrl and Alt, just like the normal cursor keys.
:: Configure the layout to your liking. E.g. you could emulate a vi or WordStar layout.
:: Give your desktop and laptop PCs the same cursor key layout.
:: Train yourself to use it with the built-in training mode.

For Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista.