Office Recovery Ultimate Enterprise 1.0 (2008)

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Office Recovery Ultimate Enterprise 1.0 (2008)
Win App | 8.4mb | RS.COM

Recovery for Access, Recovers Access databases
- FreeUndelete, Undelete lost files and folders
- MediaHeal for CD and DVD, Restore data from corrupted CD/DVD
- MediaHeal for Hard Drives, Restore data from damaged hard

- MediaHeal for Flash, Restore data from corrupted flash cards
- MediaHeal for Diskettes, Restore data from damaged floppies
- MediaHeal for Removable Disks, data from corrupted optical

- Recovery for Money, Recovers MS Money files
- Recovery for Outlook Express, Recovers Outlook Express folders
- Recovery for Outlook, Recovers Outlook pst files
- Recovery for OneNote, Recovers MS OneNote files
- CalcRecovery, Recovers OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets
- WriterRecovery, Recovers OpenOffice Writer documents
- Recovery for Publisher, Recovers MS Publisher files
- PDFRecovery, Recovers Adobe PDF documents
- PixRecovery, Recovers damaged JPEG/GIF/TIFF files
- Recovery for PowerPoint, Recovers PowerPoint presentations
- Recovery for Project, Recovers MS Project files
- PhotoshopRecovery, Recovers Adobe Photoshop files
- Undelete for Outlook, Retrives lost Outlook items
- Recovery for Works Database, Recovers MS Works databases
- Recovery for Works Spreasheet, Recovers MS Works

- Recovery for Works Word, Recovers MS Works documents
- WordPerfectRecovery, Recovers WordPerfect documents
- Recovery for Word, Recovers Word documents
- Recovery for Excel, Recovers Excel spreadsheets
- ZipRecovery, Recovers corrupted Zip archives



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