Ummet Ozcan Genesis CM Synthesizer v1.0.0.1 VSTi (PC)

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Ummet_Ozcan Genesis CM Synthesizer v1.0.0.1 VSTi (PC) | 1,39 MB

Those days of searching for the perfect virtual analogue are over! Genesis CM will blow you away with it's massive
sounds,comprehensive modulation system and built in effects.Available exlusive with Computer Music Magazine issue 127 with a big
tutorial included in the Mag.Including dozens of new features, such as enhanced voice options,extra effects parameters,more
sophisticated LFO control,better general sound quality and a more advanced sequencer. Including 128 high quality presets existing of
the phattest leads, basses, pads, sequenced sounds and many more... all designed by Ummet Ozcan, And very usefull for all of your
productions and remixes!
Here we have listed all features of Genesis CM.

*2 Oscillators with standard waveshapes sine,saw,triangle,pulse, white noise and pink noise.
*Mix balance between osc 1 & 2, transpose options in octaves en semi tones,PW control,portamento
*Voice seperate mode, seperate total voices of each oscillator to play in dual layers in octaves & semi notes

*Total voice options, Quad mode/4 voices or Full mode/22 voices for each oscillator, play up to 176 voices simoultaneously
*Detune options, Fine tuning, voice output controls, stereo/mono output option
*Fm function to modulate oscillator 2 with oscillator 1

* Each oscillator has its own amp envelope, adsr link option to link adsr 1 with adsr 2
* Adsr 3 extra mod envelope selectable to different destinations osc 1/2 or both pitch, FM amount ,Detune amount, LFO 1 speed and

*Dual filters, each oscillator has its own filter, PHS, LP, HP and BP, link option to link filter 1 and 2
*Extra filter options chorus effect with depth en frequency controls

* 2 LFOS with basic waveshapes and selectable to different destinations, cutoff of either or both filters,pitch of either or both
oscillators, FM level, PW amount, Detune and Amplitude
*Phase control, Tempo sync, Trigger options, Sync to sequencer

*Build in Reverb & Delay fx with color controls
*Build in Phaser fx selectable 5 stages
*Build in Distortion with 3 types soft, medium and hard
*Extra modulator also useable as a Chorus fx or Crusher

*Filter controlled step sequencer controlled from adsr 3, 8 steps with 36-/36+ semi tone controls for each oscillator & glide amount
for each osc
Free with issue 127 of Computer Music Magazine. I have to say, for a free synth, it ROCKS! Very Very Impressed with this one!!!
To install, simply copy the .dll to your /vstplugins folder and enjoy! MAC users, u miss out again unfortunately, shame too..

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Posted By: xxxxpixxxx Date: 27 Apr 2009 20:46:10
Thanks, I advise every Dance and Hip-Hop producer to download this, its got some hard synth sounds! :)