East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition & PRO XP [REPOST]

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East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition & PRO XP | 13 + 18.1 GB | REPOST

The GOLD EDITION of the "critically acclaimed" EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA includes 16-bit stereo samples from the PLATINUM EDITION (which is multi-channel), at a much lower cost, and was recorded where orchestral instruments sound their most natural - in a 'state of the art' Concert Hall.

Listen to the pure beauty of the Symphonic Orchestra and 125 million dollar Concert Hall that were recorded with the HIGHEST-QUALITY custom built recording equipment, by audio legend - Prof. Keith O. Johnson - recipient of two GRAMMYS, plus eight additional GRAMMY nominations for his 90 plus Classical Recordings.

The GOLD EDITION is a MAC/PC Plug-In (compatible with most music software), and has been designed to be extremely EASY TO USE - providing professional composers with the HIGHEST-QUALITY instruments available, to create their compositions. To achieve this level of quality, all of the instruments and sections were chromatically sampled, with multiple dynamics, with extremely dynamic and expressive articulations. All players were recorded in position. If you upgrade to the PLATINUM EDITION later, your compositions will be FULLY COMPATIBLE, providing a known upgrade path to "the best sounding orchestral sample library ever" - no other product offers this!

* The GOLD EDITION includes all sections of a Symphonic Orchestra - Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Orchestral Percussion.
* The GOLD EDITION includes the vast majority of instruments and articulations from the PLATINUM EDITION - except it includes stereo samples, similar to other orchestral sample libraries (PLATINUM EDITION is multi-channel).
* The GOLD EDITION "Upgrade Plan" enables users to apply 100% of the purchase price for the GOLD EDITION towards an upgrade to the PLATINUM EDITION at any time.
* The GOLD EDITION includes release trails (additional reverb, and other effects are also included in the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KOMPAKT software).
* The GOLD EDITION includes the same KOMPAKT sample player software from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS as the PLATINUM EDITION, but requires much less processing power. If you are using other high-end sample libraries, it will run on your current system (see system specifications).
* The GOLD EDITION can be imported into KONTAKT** (from version 1.5), for even greater flexibility and more options for working with the sound material (for example - creating your own programs).
* The GOLD EDITION is completely upward compatible with the PLATINUM EDITION; compositions created in the GOLD EDITION can be played back in the PLATINUM EDITION - at 24-bit, and with the other mic positions included in the PLATINUM EDITION - providing users with a known upgrade path at any time (contact sales@eastwestsounds.com for details).
* The EASTWEST / QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA was produced by Doug Rogers from EASTWEST and Nick Phoenix from QUANTUM LEAP, who collectively have received over 30 international awards for sample libraries they have created.

The GOLD EDITION of the EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA comes as a VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT which includes a high-performance NATIVE INSTRUMENTS interface powered by the efficient KONTAKT audio engine, including Direct-from-Disk*, for Mac and PC (*With freely-downloadable Direct-from-Disk extension). The GOLD EDITION can also be loaded into KONTAKT (from version 1.5), for even greater flexibility and more options for working with the sound material.

Each VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT in the collection combines intuitive handling with excellent sound quality, and functions as a plug-in instrument, without the need for a sampler.

For the sonically adventureous, many sound shaping tools have been built in to the interface. Powerful multi-mode filters, envelopes, and LFOs give a wealth of creative possibilities. Integrated high-quality reverb, chorus, and delay effects are also provided.

Direct from Disk playback easily handles large samples beyond available RAM (which is assignable).

Professional sound quality with advanced 32-bit processing, and 256 voice polyphony allow for lush arrangements. The clean and intuitive interface never lets the technology get in the way of your creativity. All important instrument parameters can be immediately adjusted without the need to page, scroll, or fumble through a manual.

15 GB Free Hard Disc Space, DVD Drive
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (for Native Instruments software)
Windows XP/ME/98, Pentium III/Athlon 500 Mhz, 256 MB RAM
Mac OS 9.2, OS 10.2.6 or higher, G3 500 Mhz, 256 MB RAM
RECOMMENDED SYSTEM (for Native Instruments software)
Windows XP, P III/Athlon 700 MHz, 1 GB RAM
Mac OS 9.2, OS 10.2.6 or higher, G4 733, 1 GB RAM
RECOMMENDED SYSTEM (for sound library)
EASTWEST recommends using a fast processor and up to 1.5 GB of free RAM to optimize the performance of this sound module.

WIN (VST®2.0, DXi2tm, ASIOtm, MMEtm, Direct SoundTM, **RTAStm)
MAC (VST®2.0, ASIOtm, SoundmanagerTM, OMStm, Audio UnitsTM, Core AudioT<, ***RTAStm)
(**RTAS support for Windows will be available as a free download later.)
(***RTAS is not supported for MAC OS9)

EWQLSO PLATINUM (contains 24-bit samples, each with three mic positions and full articulations)
EWQLSO Gold (contains 16-bit samples, with one mic position and full articulations)
EWQLSO Silver (contains 16-bit samples, with one mic position and basic articulations)

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================= NO MIRRORS PLEASE! =================

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Posted By: paulturtle92 Date: 08 Feb 2011 13:42:40
Hey, can anyone tell me what's the pro xp version? Any difference between the two? 'Cuz my download speed makes another 10+ GBs a pain in the ass to download. thanks!
Posted By: blizzards Date: 08 Feb 2011 15:48:56
pro xp is an expansion pack for Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition.
Posted By: paulturtle92 Date: 08 Feb 2011 16:14:14
blizzards, 1 more question, if you dont mind. sorry ><
To use this library in finale, do I load it in the Kontakt VST, then config finale to play audio through the VST?
Posted By: blizzards Date: 09 Feb 2011 00:15:58
Load this library in your Kontakt player, and use midi to play using kontakt player. I don't know how it looks and works in finale, so try, looks like you got it right)
Posted By: paulturtle92 Date: 10 Feb 2011 09:36:35
Ok, thanks!
and thanks again for this awesome post!
Posted By: anonymousjemaat Date: 12 Feb 2011 04:03:02
mr. blizzards how about some MD5 for this gigantic file just to be safe !
Posted By: darnbni99a Date: 01 Mar 2011 06:22:14
how do i install this on mac??
Posted By: riccardoguitar Date: 17 Mar 2011 14:44:53

Please, can you tell me how to activate EWQL library on Kontakt player? It starts CERVICE CENTER and the keygen don't work fine for this app..TNX
Posted By: origo Date: 18 Mar 2011 12:20:20
Thank you for the brilliant post Blizzards!

Got a small problem though. WinRaR doesn't seem to accept the password 'http://avaxhome.ws/blogs/blizzards':

! L:\DAW\East West Quantum Gold\Strings\dlm-ewqlsoge1_www.avaxhome.ws.part01.rar: Packed data CRC failed in dlm-ewqlsoge1.iso. The volume is corrupt
! L:\DAW\East West Quantum Gold\Strings\dlm-ewqlsoge1_www.avaxhome.ws.part02.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file dlm-ewqlsoge1.iso (wrong password ?)

Any help would be much appreciated!

Posted By: blizzards Date: 18 Mar 2011 14:01:45
try to use recovery option in winrar (there's 3% recovery record in all archives) (and use latest version 4)
if it won't help, tell me exactly what archives are broken, so I'll try to re-upload them
Posted By: origo Date: 19 Mar 2011 07:31:43
Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply!

I've downloaded WinRar4 like you said but the problem still seems to be password related. I don't think the archives are broken as I received winrar error message at the very beginning of the extraction.

I used the following password:

And WinRar gives the following message :

! L:\DAW\East West Quantum Gold\Strings\dlm-ewqlsoge1_www.avaxhome.ws.part01.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file dlm-ewqlsoge1.iso. Corrupt file or wrong password.

Maybe you could please check if the password 'http://avaxhome.ws/blogs/blizzards' works on your PC so I can rule out the problem being password related.

Thanks again man, hopefully after this I'll get out of your hair :)
Posted By: blizzards Date: 19 Mar 2011 12:46:02
"Corrupt file or wrong password" is a standart error message in winrar and it doesn't always mean that there's a problem with a password. It's a problem with a broken archive in most cases ("Corrupt file").

So double check the file size. It must be 400 MB (419430400 bytes). Test it with winrar, use recovery option if it finds any crc errors in testing or unpacking.

I'll download and test dlm-ewqlsoge1 soon.
Posted By: origo Date: 19 Mar 2011 13:25:29
I've double checked now and I've got the same file size (419430400 bytes). When I try to test the archive it asks for a password first and it rejected http://avaxhome.ws/blogs/blizzards.

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: blizzards Date: 19 Mar 2011 14:10:42
Just downloaded the whole 1st dvd (dlm-ewqlsoge1),
extracted it using password:
and no problems at all.
Posted By: origo Date: 19 Mar 2011 14:32:01
I've just finished getting the second DVD and it extracted perfectly. I'll download the first DVD again and try again. Sorry for making you go through the trouble of downloading such a huge file and taking up your time, I failed to realize that you didn't have the encrypted archive on your PC before hand. Thank you once more and have a great weekend!
Posted By: ernon Date: 20 Mar 2011 00:46:30
Hello Blizzards,

Hi Bizzards, the links are broken on uploaded.to for East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra: GOLD Pro XP 5 DVD, Kontakt.

Can you fix this.

Thank you.
Posted By: saxlawgolf Date: 23 Mar 2011 08:06:35
Hi Blizzards:

None of the three (Silver, Gold or Gold Pro XP) works! Gold Pro XP is missing most of the very first RAR (only 12 bytes!); Silver has corrupt or missing files, and although all of Gold's files installed, Gold's Keygen won't work. Another uploader's version of Gold's Keygen produced a bad serial number and the program quits.

Can you kindly post a working Keygen for Gold or link to same, as the rules require, Re-RAR the first file of Gold Pro XP, and generally fix Silver?

Posted By: saxlawgolf Date: 24 Mar 2011 13:46:00
VIRUS in XP Gold PRO First RAR - Keygen = Trojan TRS Agent 16200 - installs fake antivirus software that does not want to go away and wants you to buy it for sixty bucks....
Posted By: blizzards Date: 24 Mar 2011 21:06:50
bullshit. false alarm.
if you don't trust this keygen, use sandbox or find another one.
I tried it and it shows me serials fine.
Posted By: ernon Date: 25 Mar 2011 20:32:45
Hi Bizzards,

The links are broken on uploaded.to for East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra: GOLD Pro XP 5 DVD.

Will you fix?

Thank you.
Posted By: rethrick Date: 07 Jun 2011 05:51:51
On a MAC. The file downloads are the problem- you must check the sizes as Blizzard suggests.
Posted By: aircon Date: 22 Jun 2011 01:49:30
Hi Blizzards,
Parts 1 - 10, 19 and 34 - 39 of Gold Pro XP appear to be missing from Filesonic.
Posted By: WalaWalaWashington Date: 02 Oct 2011 04:00:30
cheers Blizzard, can you please Post a dmg installer for the MAC or please or email it to me at 99finish99 [at] gmail.com

i believe it's a rather small file.
Thanks in advance! amazing work.. let us know if i or we can help keep these uploads alive. and how. thanks
Posted By: crgl Date: 07 Jan 2012 14:52:27
For those who have had problems with the password
use this instead:[Copy & Paste]


It is the same. Dont ask me why this one works and
the one included in the txt file doesnt. ..very strage.

BTW, I copy pasted it from the post
Posted By: proz9c Date: 21 Jan 2012 23:27:25
Is the newer "Play" edition available anywhere ? and do you need PLAY or whatever to use it ? And how much better is it ?
Posted By: Rolly54 Date: 15 Feb 2012 16:25:18
Hi. I'm new here.
I tried to connect to uploaded.to, but for the silver and gold-Version it says: files not found (error404) . Did you remove them?
The ones on "blizz downloads" asking for a membership. Anybody has experience with quitting the 3-days trail-membership (cause I only need this file)?
The platinum on file-post seems fine, but is for my connection way ahead of all posibilities, it will take weeks.
How can I get the gold or silver one, Please help!!
And: will the Gold edition function, after all the problems in the past ?
Posted By: blizzards Date: 15 Feb 2012 17:07:01
I will re-upload it soon.
Posted By: starforce8007@hotmail.com Date: 20 Feb 2012 18:11:52
hi, please leave a comment when you re-upload it. Thank you very much
Posted By: rh.mohammad Date: 26 Dec 2012 09:45:49
can u please Reup it ?
Posted By: Dromen Date: 04 Mar 2013 17:05:06
Please Help me! Why everytime i click on the link appear that stupid website; DOWNLOAD PROVIDER????
Posted By: Escorpião Date: 18 Nov 2013 17:26:05
Ok Blizzards, we r wating, thx.
Posted By: mixitallup Date: 04 Feb 2014 19:39:50
On Mac the Brass Lib loads all...but none of the others do.It looks like the DLs were complted & extracted properly tho..
any help???