Microworks CAMPS v4.2.2

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Microworks CAMPS v4.2.2 | 38 MB

CAMPS ® (Computer Assisted Music Processing System) is a one of its kind program on the market that actually analyzes a given melody line using musical intelligence based on our patented technologies which, unlike other programs, does NOT depend on pre-stored massive melody database. In addition, CAMPS ®'s unique intelligence suggests a numerous number of chords and chord progressions including voicing techniques all that fit with the given melody line and, if any, other parts.

CAMPS ® knows Music Theory such as Chord Scale, Upper Structure Triads, Subdominant Minors, Modal Harmony, etc., that would be helpful when you need to completely try out all the alternative Melody lines and Chords in your composition.

It's not for generating the Computer-Music. CAMPS ® is designed to assist YOU through its musical intelligence allowing you to focus on more creative part of music composition.

Three Reasons to use CAMPS ®
• Because CAMPS ® provides the first total simulations for hundreds of different Melody lines and Chords based on the Auto-analysis of your original melody.
• Because CAMPS ® always leaves the final selection of Melody line and Chord to you, while suggesting hundreds of candidates.
• Because CAMPS ® allows you to focus on the creative part of composing/arranging process by taking care of somewhat 'mechanical' analysis and considerations over your tune.


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