Rainbow v1.5 Mac OS X

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Rainbow v1.5 Mac OS X | 1.6 MB

Rainbow is a graphic application that allow you to set wonderful image effects in a fast and easy way. It's possible to apply the effects in sequence, getting amazing results.

  • Reflection: sets the distance, height and transparency of the image reflection.
  • Shadow: sets the angle, depth, X offset, Y offset, blur and color of the shadow of the image. With a radius value greater than 0, the shadow will be curved (only for a rectangular image).
  • Border: sets the size, radius and color of the image border. A radius value greater than 0 sets a rounded border.

  • Miniature: applies a “miniature” effect to the image, by setting the 2 control points, saturation, U.M.R/U.M.I (Unsharp Mask Radius/Intensity) and radius.
  • Bloom: softens edges and applies a pleasant glow to the image, by setting the radius and intensity.
  • Sketch: creates a sketch that outlines the edges of an image in black, by settings the noise level, sharpness, edge intensity, threshold and contrast.
  • Transparency: sets the image transparency (alpha value).
  • Color: applies adjust (exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, sepia, sharpness) and effects (black and white, sepia, antique, fade, boost, sharpen, blur, invert) to the image.
  • Background: changes the background color of the image.
  • Curl: sets the time, angle and radius, shadow size and amount of the image curl. Choose to leave the background image and apply a skin effect.
  • Perspective: changes the perspective of the image (8 available), by setting the relative degrees.
  • Stretch: stretchs the image, by setting the width, height, crop amount and center stretch values.
  • Pinch: deforms the image, by setting the x, y, radius and scale.
  • Bump: deforms the image, by setting the x, y, radius, angle and scale.
  • Flip: flips the image from top, bottom, left and right side.
  • Rotation: rotates the image, by setting the rotation degrees. With the "crop" option, the frame doesn't rotate.
  • Resize: resizes the image, by setting the new width/height (lock/unlock the proportion of size).
  • Crop: crops the image, by choosing the new x/y/width/height.
  • Screenshot: takes a snapshot of the image including the background color.
  • Stack: saves the stack of effects for future use (i.e. to apply the same effects to other images), applies the effects to the image or clears the saved stack.

Input file format:
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (.eps, .epi, .epsf, .epsi, .ps)
  • Tagged Image File Format (.tiff, .tif)
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe)
  • Graphic Interchange Format (.gif)
  • Portable Network Graphic (.png)
  • Macintosh Picture Format (.pict, .pct, .pic)
  • Windows Bitmap Format (.bmp, .BMPf)
  • Windows Icon Format (.ico)
  • Icon File Format (.icns)

Additional input file format:
  • Adobe RAW (.dng)
  • Canon 2 RAW (.cr2)
  • Canon RAW (.crw)
  • FlashPix (.fpx, .fpix)
  • Fuji RAW (.raf)
  • Kodak RAW (.dcr)
  • MacPaint (.ptng, .pnt, .mac)
  • Minolta RAW (.mrw)
  • Nikon RAW (.nef)
  • Olympus RAW (.orf)
  • OpenEXR (.exr)
  • Photoshop (.psd)
  • QuickTime Import Format (.qti, .qtif)
  • Radiance (.hdr)
  • SGI (.sgi)
  • Sony RAW (.srf)
  • Targa (.targa, .tga)
  • Windows Cursor (.cur)
  • XWindow bitmap (.xbm)

Output file format:
  • Portable Network Graphic (.png)
  • Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpeg)
  • Windows Bitmap Format (.bmp)
  • Graphic Interchange Format (.gif)

What's New in Version 1.5
  • zoom in / zoom out;
  • new "Bloom" effect;
  • new "Sketch" effect;
  • new "Screenshot" effect;
  • new "Stack of effects" function.


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