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Presto VideoWorks v6.20.02 Platinium | RS | 248 MB

If you're one of those people who now owns a video camera and needs a real editing solution but doesn't have too much time to spend learning a complicated package, VideoWorks 6.2 is just the solution for you!

Presto! VideoWorks 6.2's MPEG Smart Rendering technology can greatly save your time by rendering only the editing made to the MPEG video content, instead of rendering the entire file.

Widescreen Support
Presto! VideoWorks 6.2 helps you import, preview, and output to16:9 widescreen format files.

Capture directly from a digital still camera (DSC) or from a DV camcorder directly into MPEG II.
Direct MPEG II, developed exclusively by NewSoft, has the ability to encode directly from a DV camcorder or other capture devices into MPEG II. Depending on the processor's speed, you will be able to do this in real time and with outstanding professional quality. No longer will you need to deal with large AVI files or have long waits while rendering or re-rendering. With this new technology, you are able to make DVDs without any loss of quality that is often associated with capturing, editing and authoring that happens prior to the finished DVD.

Software Device Control that enables you to view and capture digital video through software operation.
Presto! VideoWorks 6.2 supports the popular Digital Video format, and can be used to control the DV camcorder and import video in AVI and MPEG II format for editing. Presto! VideoWorks 6.2 shows the controls for the DV camcorder and you can control its functions from here.

Supports snap shot, multiple frame, video clip, and batch capture.
Presto! VideoWorks 6.2 offers the flexibility to capture video in a single clip or a batch of video clips, and you can also capture images from the preview window in the current active video source.

Supports the most popular file formats.
Presto! VideoWorks 6.2 supports the most popular video, audio and image file types to give you even more flexibility in how to create outstanding video productions.

Create fantastic video effects with video mixer, predefined templates and Magic Touch
Make your video presentation something different with a choice of dozens of special effects. And you can do it quickly and easily with the help of ready-made templates that help you along.

Burn a DVD with slideshows, video clips, and interactive menus
Using "Create Video Disc" you can create a professional-looking DVD complete with interactive menu. It uses a smart wizard to guide you through the process to simply click the option you want. "Create Video Disc" also comes complete with ready-made templates to make this process quick and easy. Importing still images directly into “Create Video Disc” you can create instant DVD slideshows. The duration of each slide can be also be configured, complete with background music.