Parameter ver.

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Parameter ver.

Parameter ver | 3,50 MB

Parameter is specially designed software tool to control all crucial internet marketing parameters including Alexa traffic rank, Google PageRank, overall link popularity in many search engines all over the world and many other vital info.

Parameter monitors the web ranking parameters in an easy, user-friendly way. It automatically checks all the vital info (the process is customizable), saves the trends and the history and provides a way to export all the data into CSV for further analysis.

Parameter main features
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* Monitors Alexa Traffic Rank, Alexa Reach and Alexa Page Views parameters
* Measures Link Popularity and URL Popularity
* Shows website Saturation and the number of indexed pages
* Supports all major search engines to check Link Popularity and Saturation for
* Checks Google PageRank
* Checks parameters for a large number of URLs at once
* Imports a list of URLs from a text file
* Exports results to a CSV file
* Includes highly customizable tool for web ranking parameters comparison
* Shows if your site is included into web directories
* You can extract all pages from a site for further detailed analysis
* Works through a proxy
* Keeps detailed history
* Shows website IP address, determines cookies, saves thumbnail picture