Paragon Total Defrag 2007

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Paragon Total Defrag 2007

Paragon Total Defrag v2007 | 14,8 MB

Paragon Total Defrag 2007 is a new comprehensive product for total file system defragmentation and optimization. Built on original Paragon technologies, it performs complete low-level defragmentation that provides almost zero fragmentation level. Due to its monopoly access to the file system on a hard drive, Paragon Total Defrag 2007 allows you to speed up and optimize all critical system files and metadata including MFT (Master File Table), directories, paging files, registry hives and others.

Here you can find the full list of Paragon Total Defrag features:

* Online/Offline defragmentation of any disks/volumes including RAID systems
* Unique low-level file system defragmentation and optimization algorithms
* 9 different defragmentation strategies
* Boot-time defragmentation of critical system files
* Ability to speed up launch of applications
* Ability to maximize file system performance
* Complete file system optimization including directory consolidation, paging files, Master File Table (MFT), metadata, registry hives etc.
* Low free space defragmentation (less than 1% of free space on the hard drive required)
* Bootable CD image with �run-from-CD� edition included