Panorado ver.

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Panorado ver.
Panorado ver. | 1,80 MB

Panorado is a comfortable image viewer with special support for very large pictures and panoramic pictures. It's comfortable and very much "mouse-aware". It provides two different mouse modes for panning around the picture. If you like, you can control the viewer almost completely with a 5-button wheel-mouse: Navigate up and down, switch to full screen mode, zoom in and out, adjust the picture size to the window size. Without using the keyboard. Soft zooming, soft panning and soft fading provide a very comfortable viewing impression. It specially supports large pictures and panoramic pictures. Your pictures are allowed to largely exceed the screen size.

These are: JPEG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF, ICO, CUR, TGA, PCX, PNG, TIFF, JPEG 2000, PNM, and RAS.
This is new in version 3.0: Quicktime panoramas (with the usual JPEG or CVID compression) are supported now! Viewing them is a Panorado-style experience. It helps you to survey large amounts of pictures. The navigation bar which can be activated on the left side lets you browse through pictures in different folders and on different drives. Not only hard drives, but also CDs, DVDs, and Flash Cards (from your digital camera). The navigation bar provides file management capabilities which are very similar to those of the Windows Explorer. It provides EXIF information. This may be contained in JPEG files generated by a digital camera (like exposure time and some more exposure details). If desired, the image is rotated automatically according to EXIF information.

It automatically recognizes file changes. If any of the files listed or displayed are affected, these files will be redrawn. It's fast. Panorado uses DirectDraw to make best use of your graphics hardware. This makes your pictures move across the screen as smooth as possible. It supplies a true full screen mode. See your pictures with no buttons on the edges. It shows thumbnails of all pictures in one folder. In extreme "landscape" format, if desired. It provides a slide show running automatically. Panning through panoramic pictures by 360 degrees, if you like. You can interrupt and resume a show anytime. It supports printing. In case you want to see your pictures on paper. It contains a toolbox for creating 5 special projection effects. This is a new version 3.0 feature: Try some interesting projection effects, like cubic or polar projection! It includes a tool for burning picture disks. Besides the pictures, the CD or DVD created contains the Panorado software which makes it ready-to-play immediately. This feature requires Windows XP or Nero Burning Rom. It provides an English user interface. And German, of course. It's small and simple. I'm sure you won't really need the online help - but have a look at it though! These are some possible fields of application (without claiming to be complete): The 'digital photo album' on your hard disk. But no leather cover, and no finger prints. The pictures on your digital camera chip. But in full screen size, not just stamp size. Pictures which you pass to someone else on a CD or DVD. Just copy Panorado onto it. When the CD is started, Panorado automatically shows a thumbnail overview or starts a slide show. This can be accomplished by writing a simple autostart file - there's no need to install the software. Digital charts in bitmap format. City maps, road maps, nautical charts, aviation charts, …