Ozum 4.02

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Ozum 4.02

Ozum 4.02
Windows | exe include | 10 Mb | english

Ozum is an All-In-One newsreader optimized for multimedia content and aimed at the Usenet users who
regularly access multimedia objects like sound,video and image files.Ozum is three applications in one,
with an intuitive Windows Explorer like interface. Ozum is an on-line and off-line newsreader,
a fully programmable news robot/scanner and an autoposter. All 3 applications are designed specifically to
access and manage multimedia content of the Usenet!

Ozum is a tool witch helps you to scan and read news.Unlike other commercially available products,
Ozum's multimedia sampling allowsusers to make informed decisions on whether they want the multimedia object(s)
or not before they download it. It automatically downloads, assembles and decodes binary files and rejects

It is the only newsreader that allows you to view or listen to individual partsof multipart
audio/video files (mpg/mpeg, avi, asf, rm, mp3, wav) without havingto download and assemble the whole file.

It is also the only newsreader that allows you to request missing indexes from an index server.
The index server will build and post indexes that you requested.

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