Ozum ver.4.10

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Ozum ver.4.10

Ozum ver.4.10 | 4,10 MB

Ozum is a powerful newsreader/Usenet file downloader optimized for images, sound & video. Only it lets you preview and listen to individual parts of a multipart audio/video file before downloading and assembling the whole file. Includes a built-in viewer for images, programmable automatic news scanning robot and freeware autoposter.

Extremely simple to setup - see Ozum tutorial!
Programmable autoscan
Extensive filters
Easy and familiar drag ā€˜nā€™ drop interface
Double click thumbnail sheets
Unlimited number of projects
Unlimited number of servers
Unlimited number of subscribed newsgroups
Unlimited number of articles in a group
Designed and developed for work with multimedia posts
Save your time, preview media files before downloading them
One of very few really multithreaded newsreaders
No need for .nzb files, Ozum finds file parts automatically
Automatic decoding of yEnc encoded files supported
Automatic processing of .rar, .par and MasterSplitter files
Automatic decoding of binaries (images, audio, video, software files)
Supported encoding formats: MIME base64, uuencode, xxencode, binhex, yEnc
Automatic, with manual override, assembling of multipart binaries
Automatic constructing and posting image indexes when posting collections of images
Number of parallel jobs limited only by the number of connections that your servers allow