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Notepad | 239 Kb

Notepad2 a small and fast editor with syntax highlighting for HTML and other common languages The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills!
Some key features of Notepad2

· Customizable syntax highlighting:
· HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, CSS, Perl/CGI
· C/C++, C#, Java, VB, Pascal, Assembler, SQL
· Drag & drop text editing inside and outside Notepad2
· Basic regular expression search and replace
· Useful word, line and block editing shortcuts
· Rectangular selection (Alt+Mouse)
· Brace matching, auto indent, long line marker, zoom functions
· Support for Unicode, UTF-8, Unix and Mac text files
· Open shell links
· Mostly adjustable

What's New in This Release:

· The msvcr70.dll runtime library is no longer required
· "Enclose Selection" helper tool (Alt+Q)
· Single line files are opened with default line ending mode
· Remapped hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Z from "Undo" to "Redo"
· Remapped hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Y from "Redo" to "Undo"
· Fixed bug: problem with MRU lists causing random crashes
· Fixed bug: moving lines up/down not working properly
· Fixed bug: window settings overwritten on new screen resolution.

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