Nexus Mainframe Terminal ver.5.96

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Nexus Mainframe Terminal ver.5.96

Nexus Mainframe Terminal ver.5.96 | 1,72 MB

Nexus Terminal is a telnet 3270/5250/VT/ANSI terminal and printer emulator included a FTP/SFTP client.

· The 32 bits version runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 and Vista.
· Easy installation and setup. You will be connected within a minute!
· Small, fast, stable, secure, optimal connectivity and a cost-effective mainframe application interface.
· Continuously updated with new features and protocol extensions and customers in 58 countries.

NB Release (5.96):
· Added support for LU type 1 passthrough print.
· Added support for Kermit.
· Added some new hllapi functions.
· Added support for VT status line.
· Added a new keyboard setup dialog and support for rule line and hotspots.
· Added support for vt/ansi and 3270 graphic/symbol characters.
· Added support for ftp/sftp script and recording.
· Added support for secure ftp (SFTP).
· Added support for full screen mode and improved font scaling.
· Added support for creating SSH keys and multiple LPD connections.
· Added support for the Citrix's MetaFrame Password Manager.
· Added support for HLLAPI in VT/ANSI emulation mode.
· Added support for SSH, Secure Shell, (based on OpenSSH).
· Added support for SSL, Secure Socket Layer, (based on OpenSSL).
· Added support for HTTP and mailto URL detection and operation in the screen view.
· Added support for tab separated copy to clipboard.
· Improved server installation.
· Added 5250 character separator options: none, line or dot.
· Added mouse cursor detection and operation on attention keys.
· NMP has been extended with firewall authentication in Tn3270/5250 print mode.
· Extended NMP with the Line Printer Daemon (LPD) protocol.
· Extended with VT/ANSI (aix/ansi/scoansi/linux/vt52/vt100/vt102/vt220/vt320/vt420) emulation.