MySQL Maestro ver.

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MySQL Maestro ver.

MySQL Maestro ver. | 30,6 MB

MySQL Maestro is the premier MySQL admin tool for database management, control and development. MySQL Maestro provides you with the ability to perform all the necessary MySQL admin routines such as creating, editing, copying, extracting and dropping database objects. It supports all the latest MySQL features such as views, stored procedures/functions, triggers, events and table partitions; moreover, you can design your database as ER diagram, build queries visually, execute queries and SQL scripts, accomplish database administration operations in a few mouse clicks, view and edit data including BLOBs, represent data as diagrams and pivot grids, export and import data to/from most popular file formats, manage MySQL users and their privileges, and use a lot of other admin tools designed for making your work with MySQL server comfortable and efficient.

The list of useful features provided for MySQL Maestro users can be continued. The following advanced features are provided for your use:

* easy database management: the conception of database profiles gives you the opportunity to connect to databases in one touch and work with the selected databases only;

* powerful BLOB viewer/editor: opportunity to view and edit the content of the BLOB fields in various representations;

* data export module: exports data from MySQL tables and queries to files of the 14 most popular formats including MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, HTML, XML, PDF;

* data import module: imports data to MySQL tables from files of the following formats: MS Excel, MS Access, XML, DBF, TXT and CSV.

The list above is not complete. MySQL Maestro allows you, for example, to create a new table in a few mouse clicks, to get SQL dump of your metadata and data (even without knowing the syntax), to execute any SQL script, to copy a table from one database to another by drag-n-drop operations or by pressing Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V hot key combinations and a lot of other features.