Maxon BodyPaint 3D v3.1.1-XFORCE

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Maxon BodyPaint 3D v3.1.1-XFORCE

Maxon BodyPaint 3D v3.1.1-XFORCE | 67.2 Mb |

Forget flat compromises and paint in three dimensions. BodyPaint 3D offers the ultimate control over your materials and textures with complete layers, filters, realtime raytrace painting and tablet support - all optimized for working in 3D. BodyPaint 3D offers direct translation plugins for Maya, Softimage XSI, 3ds Max, and Lightwave.

Features Include:
Immediate feedback
- Graphics applications designed for 2D don't account for your scene's lighting or the effect of different material channels. BodyPaint 3D does that and more with its unique RayBrush feature. Rather than saving, reloading and rendering textures, you can paint in realtime on a rendered image and see the results of reflection, transparency, bump and more.
Tools, tools, tools - More than 200 presets put a plethora of natural media and special effects brushes within easy reach. Clone, smear, smudge, dodge and burn, gradient, magic wand, transform tools and more are all available within the easy-to-use interface.
Direct connection to your 3D application - With 2D applications, creating and including textures in your 3D scene involves a lot of manual setup and a lot of application switching. BodyPaint 3D offers plugins to easily exchange models, textures and UVs between BodyPaint 3D and popular 3D applications like 3ds max, Maya, XSI and LightWave.
Painting over different objects - BodyPaint 3D can paint over multiple objects with a single stroke. Projection painting allows distortion-free painting across multiple objects to eliminate seams and get the results you want. You could never do this in 2D!
Painting in multiple textures - With BodyPaint 3D you can paint an entire material with a single stroke. Each brush can paint up to ten channels simultaneously, so a single brushstroke affects color, bump, specularity, reflection, transparency and other properties. There's no need to match the various channels in your 3D application.
Multilingual - Se habla Espanol or spreken zie deutsch? BodyPaint 3D is available in 8 different languages - your native tongue may be native to BodyPaint 3D too.
Completely Cross-Platform - Whether you're a Windows wizard or Mac addict, you'll enjoy the same great features and outstanding performance
UV Tools - BodyPaint 3D features an arsenal of UV editing solutions so you can ensure your models and their materials line up properly.
Layers - This familiar layering system operates much like 2D graphics applications, giving you the power to combine various effects and experiment with confidence. In addition to its own B3D format, BodyPaint 3D can read and write layers and masks in PSD and TIF file formats. Each layer can be assigned a unique opacity and mix mode. BodyPaint 3D also features a realtime preview of layer transformations so you can easily position, scale, rotate, skew and distort layers until your composition is just right.
Projection Painting - Projection painting offers hitherto unknown comfort when painting textures onto complex geometry. Visible seams at UV edges are now a thing of the past. The detachable projection layers in particular make this process easier in that objects or images can be placed freely before the projection is applied.
RayBrush-Technology - BodyPaint 3D's exclusive RayBrush technology allows you to paint directly onto a raytraced image. RayBrush eliminates the need to continually switch applications or perform test renders. You can see the actual rendered effect while painting in any channel, including reflection, transparency and bump. You can even paint on multiple textures at once within RayBrush mode.