Knowledge Xpert for PL/SQL ver.9.1

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Knowledge Xpert  for PL/SQL ver.9.1

Knowledge Xpert for PL/SQL ver.9.1 | 13,2 MB

Knowledge Xpert™ for PL/SQL is a comprehensive Windows-based technical resource that covers the entire lifecycle of PL/SQL programming — from development to administration. Thousands of topics provide the background information, best practices and examples programmers need to write optimized, bulletproof code.

Features and Benefits

* Written by a host of industry recognized authors and experts, including Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl and others
* Provides over 1,000 pre-built PL/SQL procedures and functions that you can plug directly into your applications - save hundreds of coding hours
* Multiple version coverage (Oracle 7.3 – 10g) means you don’t have to jump from manual to manual to find your answers
* Look up over 25,000 error messages across multiple versions of Oracle (includes Oracle 10g)
* Seamless integration with SQL Navigator™ and Toad® gives you context-sensitive access to expert knowledge from within your favorite Quest tools