Kepware KEPServerEX ver.4.264.401

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Kepware KEPServerEX ver.4.264.401

Kepware KEPServerEX ver.4.264.401 | 41 MB

KEPServerEX is the latest generation of Kepware's OPC server technology. It was designed to allow you to quickly setup communications to your control systems via a wide range of available "Plug-in" device drivers and components. With over 80 downloadable drivers that support hundreds of model types, getting data to you client is a snap. The KEPServerEX also provides a common and self-evident user interface across all drivers so that you feel at ease every time you use the product no matter what driver you use. You can add many devices utilizing multiple drivers all within the KEPServerEX interface without worrying about learning new communication protocols or spending time understanding new applications.

It is very common to hear the term "client/server application" in use across many software disciplines and business segments. In the industrial market, it has often come to mean the sharing of manufacturing or production data between a variety of client applications ranging from human machine interface software and data historians, to large MES and ERP applications. In order for client applications to get data, they must connect to a server that will retrieve it for them in a standard form. The problem is that there are many devices and systems in the industrial market that you might want to get data from, but each may speak a different "language" or protocol. It is here that Kepware's KEPServerEX comes into play. The KEPServerEX's job is to get device and system data and translate it into a standard communication protocol (OPC or DDE) that all clients can receive and understand.