HTTP Watch Professional ver.4.2.42

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HTTP Watch Professional ver.4.2.42

HTTP Watch Professional ver.4.2.42 | 11 MB

All web applications make extensive use of the HTTP protocol (or HTTPS for secure sites). Even simple web pages require the use of multiple HTTP requests to download HTML, graphics and javascript. The ability to view the HTTP interaction between the browser and web site is crucial to these areas of web development:

* Trouble shooting
* Performance tuning
* Verifying that a site is secure and does not expose sensitive information


* A plug-in HTTP Viewer for Internet Explorer 6 & 7.
* See headers, cookies, caching and POST data
* Detailed information about HTTPS, compression, redirection & chunked encoding
* Your users and customers can send you log files for free
* Millisecond accurate timings and network level data
* Use it in automated tests written in C#, Ruby, Javascript, …