GigaNews Binary Newsreader ver.5.4.1

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GigaNews Binary Newsreader ver.5.4.1

GigaNews Binary Newsreader ver.5.4.1 | 1,26 MB

Welcome to the homepage of Giganews Binary Newsreader! GBN is a newsreader specialized in reading media files from the internet newsgroups. If you are interested in music, films or pictures, GBN is the right choice. In the newsgroups there are a bunch of media files you can download with ease. GBN has an integrated browser with the capability to display all common file types and even movies! Read more about the features below.

Download from multiple news servers as they are one big server.
Complex account management can handle more than just one account per server.
Integrated browser plays or displays all common files and even movies.
Quick setup with the configuration wizard in just 4 easy steps.
Write and publish you own articles with the posting utility.
Multimedia file manager with special commands like Join, Split, Backup or folder synchronization.
Each name of downloaded files is stored in a database so duplicate articles will be tagged with a special icon.
Download with up to 8 threads and 16 connections at the same time.
Global search thru all subscribed newsgroups.
Completeness check for a series of files belonging together.
Prioritized download queue processing.
Rules processor allows to manage incomming articles, e.g. you can automatically put articles to the download queue if they match a criteria.
Decoder and encoder for BASE64, UU, Quoted-Printable, yEnc, BinHex and Bommanews (B-News).
NZB and SFV file support.
Repair and unpack archives without the need of other programs (batch processing available).