Gidsoftware Remote Helpdesk ver.7.5

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Gidsoftware Remote Helpdesk ver.7.5

Gidsoftware Remote Helpdesk ver.7.5 | 7 MB

Remote Helpdesk is a program that allows you to provide support to customers by pc remote control. The Server is a thin (430 Kb) program that doesn't require installation, your customers can start it from a web server link, shortcut on a local file server or it can even be emailed to them. Even at 56k download speeds, this means you can typically start a remote control session within 30 seconds of your users downloading remhelp.exe and pressing the start button.
Other remote control products charge on your customer base or monthly fee. Remote Helpdesk has only a single purchase charge based on your number of support staff. Remote Helpdesk offers real value in providing online support to a large customer base.

You are free to try Remote Helpdesk (the trial version is restricted to a 5 minute session time limit). A unrestricted trial version can be obtained from contacting support. If you are pleased with Remote Helpdesk you can purchase it online from US$ 395.

* Full 256, 15, 16, 24 or 32 bit screen transfer;
* 256 colour option for improved screen transfer;
* 56, 128, 192 or 256 key AES (Rijndael) state of the art encryption of ALL data transfers;
* compression of all data transfers;
* Remote Reboot;
* support desktop can be streamed to customer;
* file transfer;
* audio communications between client and support;
* text communications between client and support;
* clipboard transfer;
* definable hotkeys;
* auto update your clients Remote Helpdesk from your own web site;
* macro functions;
* displays remote system information;

* definable ip port;
* full screen mode;
* optional input to allow users to specify help needs;
* optional input to allow users to specify help needs;
* mouse wheel support for ms mouse or equivalent;
* configure remote display using bitmaps allowing multi language support;
* lookup for names and ip addresses;
* logs connection ip, date and times;
* swap mouse buttons for users that are left handed;
* control/view mode;
* thin installation, server is under 430 Kb
* remote helpdesk server does not replace any files or modify registry settings;
* operates on windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP & Vista.
* single executable for reliability;