FileMaker Pro Advanced v9.1 R2

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FileMaker Pro Advanced v9.1 R2

FileMaker Pro Advanced v9.1 R2 l 260 MB

With its advanced development and customization tools, FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced will help you take advantage of the new features of FileMaker Pro 9 to connect to your FileMaker data, connect to your External SQL Data and connect to your creative genius. Document your use of the new features The Database Design Report has been updated to document information on the great new features in FileMaker Pro 9. As an advanced user, you’ll love connecting to your FileMaker data with the FileMaker Quick Start Screen, Conditional Formatting, Send Link Database Sharing and more. Or create secure easy one-way or two-way connections to External SQL Data Sources. And connect to your creativity with new layout and design tools.

Build PHP websites

FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced includes a new menu item that launches the PHP Site Assistant feature. It creates a set of PHP web pages for accessing FileMaker data using the new FileMaker PHP Class. You must have FileMaker Server 9 or the FileMaker Server 9 Development License, available free to members of the FileMaker Technical Network, to use this feature.

Optimized for observation

The FileMaker Data Viewer makes it easy to debug and troubleshoot your database. Use the new Current Tab to view all field and variables used in the currently executing script. And sort the columns of the FileMaker Data Viewer by just clicking on the header.

Super script surveillance

Pinpointing problem areas and reviewing scripts step-by-step is a piece of cake with the Script Debugger. New enhancements give you more refined control. Place breakpoints on multiple steps at the same time or pause script steps that are about to be executed. Addressing errors is easier than ever because you can view the error result of the last script step and set scripts to automatically pause when a script error occurs, enabling you to go directly to the error definition in the help system.
Debug login

Administrators can now log in to the Script Debugger and FileMaker Data Viewer and troubleshoot restricted access scripts upon authentication.