Document Trace Remover ver.3.2

Posted By: teamboy
Document Trace Remover ver.3.2
Document Trace Remover ver.3.2 | 8 MB

Protect your privacy and corporate security by automatically cleaning all types of meta-information in Microsoft Office documents. Document Trace Remover discovers all types of meta-information and offers you an easy way to remove any instances of hidden data from your documents. When it is done with the documents, they contain not a single trace of infringing information in them. Batch mode is available to quickly clean multiple documents.

Document Trace Remover is an analytical tool for checking MS Office documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint) and Adobe PDF for unauthorized private information disclosure. The software application inserts information about an initial name, (previous) authors, corporate name(s), number of saves and other built-in & custom properties, which can infringe your privacy. Document Trace Remover shall advise you of this information.