DEKSI Network Inventory ver.6.5.0

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DEKSI Network Inventory ver.6.5.0

DEKSI Network Inventory ver.6.5.0 | 7,65 MB

DEKSI network Inventory is an advanced, powerful, and feature rich asset management and asset tracking system for your desktop and networked PCs, at an extremely low and cost effective price. DEKSI Network Inventory will provide your organization with comprehensive and detailed reporting about all of the hardware and software on all of the computers on your network. With DEKSI Network Inventory you can export this valuable information into Access, Excel, SQL, Oracle or HTML. DEKSI Network Inventory can help the System Administrator automatically install Microsoft hotfixes on all the client computers after MBSA has been installed.

DEKSI Network Inventory now comes with the unique feature Report Builder! Report Builder is a powerful tool for giving a DEKSI Network Inventory user the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. The built-in macro interpreter provides a Pascal-like macro language for performing complex data processing. The built-in dialog designer lets you create customized forms that among other uses can be used to set report parameters before printing. This unique, yet powerful tool offers you the capability to customize your own forms and reports.
"DEKSI Network Inventory is the most comprehensive yet easy to setup and use inventory package we have ever used. After downloading the product, we literally started collecting data from all of our workstations on the network within 15 minutes and by the end of the day we had all of our workstation's inventory information. The best thing about this package is that it is simple to set up, simple to use but is very comprehensive as far as inventory data collection goes. You don't need any fancy reporting tools or complex query database engines. You simply launch the admin tool and everything you need is right at your fingertips. The inventory workstation scan is fast, simple to run and is very detailed. It is 100% Windows based (no clunky DOS based scan tool). I don't know how they manage to collect so much data in only a few seconds. The fact that the data is stored in .XML format and with the wide variety of export features, if you do need to get the data into another reporting tool or database you can. It's very flexible. DEKSI Network Inventory is like magic only there are no illusions, it just works!" Damon Dawson, Computer Sciences Corporation, December, 2003

DEKSI Network Inventory collects in-depth Hardware Inventory information from all of your PC�s. In the General category you can view generic computer information - CPU name and speed, CPU cache information, the memory size and the various operating system details.
The Drives tab shows you information about the physical storage devices and logical drives, installed on the computer. For each device it shows the product identifier and revision, device serial number and its capacity. For each logical drive you can see the drive letter assigned to this drive, the drive type, total drive capacity and the amount of free space available.