Dean Software PC Surgeon v4.50

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Dean Software PC Surgeon v4.50

Dean Software PC Surgeon v4.50 | 2.62 MB

Diagnostic & Repair Solution for Windows NT / 2000 and XP PC Surgeon is the powerful tool you will need to diagnose and repair your Windows platform. Over 65 features and functions that empower you to diagnose, monitor and repair your system. Easy Tune-Up - Perform multiple cleanup and optimization actions at the click of a button.

PC Surgeon for Windows NT/2K/XP/Win2003Server

Examine The System
System Summary
Performance Benchmark Tests
Disk Usage Analysis
View & Tweak Windows UI Settings
Registry Browser
DLL Orphan Manager

Capture and Monitor Features
System Health Monitor
Realtime Activity Monitor records all activity.
Monitor for Changes to System
Simple Network Sniffer
Screen Capture
Capture Desktop Activity to AVI (Video File)

Repair and Tune Features
Registry Cleanup
Disk Cleanup
Disk Check & Format
Directory/Folder Syncronization
Memory Defragmentation
Recover Lost Passwords
Recover Deleted Files

Scan & Delete Monitor
KeepAlive! Monitor keeps processes & services running.

System Examination
Workstation Data
CPU Data
Memory Data
Display Data
Power Data
Media Device Data
Installed Device Data
Printer Data
Disk Sector Viewer
Drive Mappings
Storage Data
Hardware Port Data

Windows Examination
Operating System Data
Database Engine Data
Date and Time Zone Data
Process Data
Startup Data
Windows Enumeration
Internet Explorer Data
NT Service Data
DirectX Data
File Associations
Installed Fonts
Clipboard Formats
Performance Data
DCom Servers
Global Atoms
Loaded Modules
Running Threads
Loaded Drivers
WMI Explorer
Scheduled Tasks

Reports & Logs
Text Output
HTML Output
Excel Output
XML Output
Custom Report Formats
NT Event Log Viewer
PC Surgeon Log Viewer

File and Folder Examination
Installed Software
Software Search
Software Sniffer
Software Debug
Software Resource Explorer
Hex File Editor
Icon Extractor
Graphics Viewer

Network Examination
Network Data
Network Port Data
Network Statistics
Network Ping/Trace
Host IP Port Scanner
List Network Resources

Web Examination
Offline Web Page Catalog
Cookie Manager