Daily Inventory ver.6.2.0

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Daily Inventory ver.6.2.0

Daily Inventory ver.6.2.0 | 4,40 MB

An Inventory tracking program for a small food service warehouse, outlet or distribution center. Tracks incoming, outgoing and currently available inventory. Generates invoices for outgoing inventory and tracks monthly inventory reports and daily incoming and outgoing inventory reports.

* Add edit & view food inventory.
* Input all received inventory and have the increase automatically reflect on the inventory view
* Output/sell inventory and automatically have the decrease reflect in the inventory view.
* Order below par inventory items
* Track supplier information and items supplied
* Track Customer information and items purchased or consumed
* Tracks all sales or distributed item transactions
* Backup and restore database
* Import inventory items from * ProChef Plus
* Print sales, purchase, inventory, inventory cost and invoice reports.

* Prochef Plus is a recipe program by UtilitySoft, that automatically generates item lists or inventory based on which recipes are chosen.