Corel KnockOut v.2.0

Posted By: Vegas
Corel KnockOut v.2.0

Corel KnockOut v.2.0
Windows | 19 Mb | English

Knockout simplifies and speeds up difficult masking of complex and detailed objects such as hair, smoke, water, glass, and shadows. Once you get over the initial learning curve, KnockOut can help you produce unbelievably complex masks more quickly and easily.


* Simplifies and speeds up difficult masking of complex and detailed objects.
* Similar user interface, commands, and shortcut keys to those in Adobe Photoshop.
* New in 2.0: enhanced zoom tool, multiple undo/redo, revert option, CMYK support, several new tools.
* Selection tool now have polygonal line mode for defining areas by points or freehand.
* New Brush and Eraser tools for fine touch-ups.
* Property bar provides quick access to commonly used commands and controls.
* Automatically recognizes and corrects selection errors.
* Insert a custom image as a background, or display knocked-out objects against a solid color.
* Complexity settings let the user describe the level of details for more precise masks.
* For Windows (98/NT/Me/2000/XP).