Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum v2.8 Multilingual

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Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum v2.8 Multilingual

You know this utilite - it helps keep your system clear. Ashampoo UnInstaller really clean your disks and registry when you uninstaling any soft. It protect your system from garbage that support system performance on a high level.
Don't you know this utilite? It's a MUSTHAVE - just try it!

Easy Mode for quick results, Expert Mode for the pros
Like its predecessors, Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2 can switch between Easy Mode and Expert mode. Easy Mode allows you to monitor installations and remove programs with a few simple clicks. Expert Mode provides powerful additional functions for experienced users.

Powerful new features
Multi Uninstaller
Now you can uninstall several programs in one easy process. Just select the installation records of all the programs you want to uninstall and click Remove.
Drag & Drop Desktop Uninstaller
Now you can get rid of programs fast by dragging them onto the UnInstaller icon on the deskop. Great for programs you were just testing.
Changed your mind about removing a program? The Reinstaller restores the installation in seconds - you don't have to waste your time going through the entire complex installation procedure again.
Enhanced installer identification
You can now configure the UnInstall Watcher to identify installer programs other than setup.exe or install.exe. This includes a wildcard feature that automatically identifies update versions like program_name_0125.exe and program_name_0126.exe. The result: UnInstall Watcher now identifies many more installers automatically so that you don't forget to log the installation.
WindowsВ® Services Manager
Many programs install WindowsВ® "services" that load and run with WindowsВ®, even when you aren't using the programs. This is bad enough normally but it's downright annoying if the service is still there after you've uninstalled the program! In addition to identifying new services the new WindowsВ® Services Manager shows you all the services that are installed and running and lets you disable them.
Internet Explorer Add-Ons Manager
If you surf the Net a lot you know the problem - your browser gets increasingly loaded up with more and more add-ons and plug-ins, and it starts getting slower too. The new Internet Explorer Add-Ons manager shows you all your Internet Explorer plug-ins and add-ons and lets you activate, deactivate or remove them.
Start Menu Cleaner
Lots of programs leave orphaned entries and icons in the WindowsВ® Start menu and on your desktop. This fully-configurable new feature seeks out and removes these entries.