Adobe Illustrator CS3 Portable

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Adobe Illustrator CS3 Portable

Adobe Illustrator CS3 Portable
Language: English | OS: Windows | 65.7 MB (7-Zip)

Portable application for use on USB-sticks
New features include Live Color, which provides tools for creating color harmonies based on color theory, and the ability to dynamically apply colors to selected objects and shift the tone of an entire illustration at one time. Remapping controls are also provided for reducing the numbers of colors in an artwork. Also new are better integration with Flash, with named symbol instances and dynamic/static text; improved drawing tools and controls; faster runtime performance; an Eraser tool that works on vector objects; a Crop Area tool; and an improved Isolation Mode for groups and symbol definitions.

Packed file size: 65.7 MB (unpacked size: 252 MB, 1 executable + program folder)

Please note: download file is packed with 7-Zip because of smaller file size (RAR file with best compression would be 85.7 MB).
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