Writers Cafe v1.24

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Writers Cafe v1.24

Writers Cafe v1.24
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Story-writing tools tend to lie near the ends of two poles: the word processor at one end, which has minimum support for creativity, and at the other end, more complex theory-driven applications. The latter can be far too prescriptive (and frankly, baffling) in our opinion.
Does Writer's Café replace word processors and screenplay formatting software?

No. Writer's Café works with these tools, supporting the stage when ideas are flowing but the structure has not been fully (or even a little!) defined. Writer's Café StoryLines takes you to the stage when you're ready to make your story linear, and then exports it in a suitable file format for importing into formatting software. However, if you're writing a screenplay and you don't have specialised formatting software, you'll find that Writer's Café can go a long way to format your script for you when used alongside a conventional word processor. StoryLines recognises dialogue, cues, action and other elements and formats them according to the current report style, which you can customize.

Is Writer's Café just for screenwriting?

Although the multiple storyline ability is great for screenplays and soaps that have complex interwoven plots, Writer's Café is also suited to prose fiction: you can have a storyline per relationship, for example, or just have one storyline, and enjoy the freedom of recording your bite-sized ideas in StoryLines cards. Writer's Café helps get those ideas flowing, whatever the story form.

What platforms are supported by Writer's Café?

All recent 32-bit desktop Microsoft Windows platforms - that's Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
i386 Linux with GTK+ 1.x installed and libc 2.2.9 or greater.
Mac OS X 10.3. The Mac version is in beta. You can also run the Windows version on the Mac under Virtual PC.
It has been reported that Writer's Café runs under Windows 95 OSR2 on a 50MHz 486.