ShyFile v6.35

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ShyFile v6.35

ShyFile v6.35
Win App | 27.9mb | RS.COM

ShyFile - Email and File Security - military security for your email and file encryption ShyFile will encode your text (txt- and html-files) and packs it into an extra file that is to be attached to an outgoing email or uploaded to a website.

The recipient thereof does not need to have ShyFile installed to be able to decode since any Internet browser will open it and prompt the user to enter the matching key phrase before decoding it.

Easy to handle but most effective email security. ShyFile also encrypts binary files, which require a free demo version of ShyFile to decode though. Simple 1on1 symmetric key entries are used, no Public and Private Keys. ShyFile exclusively uses its own independently developed TL6144D algorithm, offering a depth of encryption of up to 6144bit.

That reaches or even tops military requirements. A File Shredder is included to thoroughly delete a file on your hard drive in a way no un-delete tool could ever restore it again. ShyFile works independently from all your web based email accounts and desktop email applications.

ShyFile works independently from all your Web-based e-mail accounts and desktop e-mail applications.

This trialware still can be used to decode all previously encoded files even after your trial period has expired. A clean un-installer included.

For corporate users: This application can be controlled by simple command-lines, as in batch files or from within other programs (read the manual for further instructions.)

NOTE from author: Strong encryption is considered a weapon. Therefore, we do not deliver any Activation Keys to activate the ShyFile software with to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Iraq (not yet), Libya, Afghanistan (not yet), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, [U.S. Export Administration Regulations ("EAR"), 15 C.F.R. Parts 730-774 we voluntarily comply with] as well as Serbia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

ยท Microsoft .NET Framework (included)
OS: Windows All