STOIK RedEye AutoFix 3.0

Posted By: BARR
STOIK RedEye AutoFix 3.0

STOIK RedEye AutoFix ver.3.0 | 7.05 MB

This program uses sophisticated proprietary algorithms to automatically detect and correct 'red eye' effect in digital photos. You can even process photos without opening them - simply select one or multiple photos on your computer or camera, right-click and select 'Fix Red Eye' command from context menu which will run STOIK RedEye Autofix behind the scenes. You also can load photos one by one to the program and use selection tool to correct 'red eyes' manually in complex cases.
What is NEW in version 3.0

- 'Red Eye' detection engine was completely re-written to improve detection performance:
detection rate exceeds 80% with less than 5% of false positives;

- The program now correctly detects 'Red Eye' in difficult cases such as non-frontal shots, glasses etc.

- 'Red Eye' color correction filter is much more intelligent, it provides the optimum balance between correction of red and preservation of eye 'natural look';

- Manual mode was changed to allow manual correction of all visible 'red eye'.
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