Quite Imposing Plus 3

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Quite Imposing Plus 3 | Mac & Windows | German | 3,81 MB

Quite Imposing Plus is the fast, simple way to produce printed, finished booklets on your bizhub PRO production system. You can combine pages into larger sheets that are ready for printing, check each sheet instantly to avoid errors, then add pages, re-order pages, split or merge even/odd pages, and number pages -- all without leaving your Acrobat application.

With Quite Imposing Plus, anyone can master the imposition process without extensive training or complex job setups. Every operator will be able to arrange and rearrange pages, trim pages and accomplish a wide range of imposition tasks to make print production faster and more cost-efficient.

* Allows you to work within Adobe Acrobat to create booklets directly from PDF files that are easy to check and correct before you print, saving time and reducing errors.

* You can rearrange pages, shuffle even/odd pages, reverse or insert pages quickly and easily.

* A simple control panel lets you select booklet-making tools, manage page arrangement, add or remove page numbers, store and recall actions.

* Create 2-up booklets from any PDF file -- and use N-Up Page Function to arrange consecutive pages on a larger sheet, adding margins, crop marks and frames.

* Trim or add space at the edges of pages, add binding offsets, make page sizes uniform, shift for “creep” in folded booklets and more.

New in Quite Imposing Plus 3

• Full support for the new Acrobat X (10.0) version.

• Tile Pages - Tile (split) pages into multiple separate pages, or split only spreads (e.g. in PDFs made using new mixed-size feature in InDesign CS5)

• Page Tools - Easily duplicate pages, with or without collation, without large increases in file size (Page Tools).

• Adjust Page Sizes - Scale pages equally or anamorphically (change shape), or use crop/add white space to resize; keep bleed when resizing

• N-up Step & Repeat - Mirror alignment on back of sheets (e.g. top left on front, top right on back)

• Stick on Text and Numbers - Number pages in more flexible ways e.g. 10,10,20,20 or 5,10,20,30, or number every fifth page (Stick on Text and Numbers)

• Stick on Text and Numbers - Add variable data on pages or sheets, such as page count, file name, date and time, document title

• Insert Pages - Insert pages from a file, with the option of duplicating pages as they are inserted

• Page Tools - Fix orientation - quickly deal with a document that has a mixture of tall and wide (portrait and landscape) pages through automatic selective rotation.

• Insert Pages - Conditionally add pages from file or blank pages to meet a page count or signature size; add pages for right to left reading such as Hebrew books; insert pages relative to last

• Trim & Shift - Use creep more easily by specifying paper thickness in Creep Assistant

• Shuffle Pages - Set up layouts in Shuffle Assistant which repeat pages, such as rotated step & repeat, or which repeat over more sheets, or are up to 8 x 8

• Manual Imposition - Work more efficiently working in Manual Imposition thanks to unlimited Undo button (Manual Imposition)

• Manual Imposition - Get more flexibility using custom crop marks in Manual Imposition

• Work faster as duplicating pages may be much faster, and processing large documents on Mac OS X.

• Handle bigger files

• Automation sequences - Set up more powerful automated sequences by conditionally adding blank pages or pages from files (Insert Pages); duplicating, rotating, deleting or moving pages (page tools); adding fields such as date or file name (Add Text and Numbers); setting up page ranges relative to the page count (many commands); adding Manual Imposition steps.

• Automation sequences - Duplicate automation sequences easily.

• Work with PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 files

Language: German
(English version can be downloaded from HP)
Size: 3,81 MB
OS: Mac & Windows
Hoster: Uploaded.net / Rapidshare.com

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"quite" (without "")

Quite Imposing Plus 3 is compatible with Acrobat X!

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Fantastic! Thanks!!!
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Password "quite" don't work
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@louxor007: PW "quite" works perfect. (without "") !
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This is great! Thanks Ein_Neugieriger!
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Gracias !!! funciono perfecto !! que buen aporte amigo!
Thanks! wiii!!
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que bueno excelente funciona ahora quiero saber si podemos traducirlo en español gracias
that good excellent works now want to know if we can translate it into Spanish thanks
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spanish version you can find here: