PlexTools Professional XL v3.13

Posted By: BARR
PlexTools Professional XL v3.13

PlexTools Professional XL v3.13 | 20.8 MB

Plextor is a leading international manufacturer of extremely reliable, high quality recording equipment and is also one of the pioneers in the field of optical disc technology. Since its establishment in 1994, Plextor has introduced a number of award winning products, including CD/DVD-ROM drives, CD/DVD recordable drives, CD/DVD media, USB Flash Memory Drives, Hard Disk Drives and Digital Video Converters.

PlexTools Professional XL features:
- The GUI of PlexTools Professional XL consists of 3 independent windows:
- The device window contains the hardware device tree of the PC.
- The functions window shows all available functions for information of the drive or disc, the players and recording modules and the test functions.
- Both windows can be closed, leaving only the main window available.
- This window, where all devices and functions can be selected as well, will show the information and the test results.
- All 3 windows can be repositioned and resized independently.