Flash2X Screensaver Builder v2.1.0

Posted By: klol101
Flash2X Screensaver Builder v2.1.0

Flash2X Screensaver Builder v2.1.0
Win App | 1.7mb | RS.COM

Flash2X Screensaver Builder is a program to create Flash screensavers. It offers a lot of customized settings for building wonderful Flash screensavers. For example, users are able to show custom logo in Flash screensavers and control sound on or off while playing Flash screensavers. It is very easy to understand the settings and create an ideal Flash screensaver.

For Flash designers, it is also a great tool for marketing and generate revenue. The program helps designers to package their wonderful Flash movies as Flash screensaver installation files. The designers are able to destribute them online or on CDs to their clients, friends and other people and improve their brand images. The designers also able to create Flash screensavers as shareware and sell them to make money. The program supports making sharware or freeware Flash screensavers.

Key Features
Making Flash screensavers with a batch of Flash movies;
Randomly playing Flash movies or by order;
Custom logo and publisher information;
Sound on or off while playing screensavers;
Displaying license agreement of Flash screensavers;
Flash screensaver projects to make it easy to rebuild Flash screensavers;
Building self-installtion files to distribute and install Flash screensavers easily;
Self-uninstallation function in screensavers;
Supporting shareware Flash screensavers to help designers to make money.

System requirement:
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Macromedia Shockwave Flash Player 4 or above