Bias Soundsoap v2.1

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Bias Soundsoap v2.1

Bias Soundsoap v2.1
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SoundSoap is the first professional-quality noise reduction solution that's also easy enough for average consumers to use effectively.

By adjusting just two knobs, anyone can remove unwanted hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, and other background noise from almost any digital media file — including Digital Video (DV) soundtracks, PowerPoint and other presentation software soundtracks, Flash and other web-tool soundtracks, digital audio workstation tracks, cassette or other analog tape recordings that have been transferred to a computer, and other sources.

Remove noise from digital media files
It could be the old LPs and cassettes you've been archiving to put in your iPod — that almost perfect wedding video with the annoying background noise — or the noisy guitar tracks you recorded last weekend. SoundSoap cleans up clicks, crackles, and turntable motor rumble in recordings of scratched up old LPs, as well as the electrical hum or buzz you often get from a guitar amp. Broadband noise — like air conditioning systems picked up by a DV camera's microphone, or the hiss from analog audio and video cassettes — doesn't stand a chance.

Designed for everyone — in every way
Amazing results are just a click away — SoundSoap's user interface is designed to be simple and focused, making it easy enough for anyone to use. A single click of the Learn Noise button solves most simple noise problems, and a few extra clicks offer powerful fine-tuning, for even better sounding audio. Any way you choose to use it, SoundSoap's advanced audio restoration technology does the hard work for you, and gives crisp, pro-quality results in just seconds. SoundSoap's technology isn't the only amazing thing — the price is too.

Amazing versatility
SoundSoap puts pro-quality audio noise reduction technology within everyone's reach, and then works in practically any editing scenario imaginable. Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, application, plug-in — you name it. This cross-platform, multi-format powerhouse includes Audio Units, RTAS/AudioSuite, and VST plug-in formats, so SoundSoap can be used within your favorite compatible editing environment. For those users whose editing applications don't support plug-ins, a stand-alone application is included as well.

for Mac OS X and Windows XP & Vista computing platforms.