3DQuickPress 5.1.0 for SolidWorks 2009-2011

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3DQuickPress 5.1.0 for SolidWorks 2009-2011 | 493.9 mb

3DQuickPress is a SolidWorks add-on for progressive die design. With a 3D solid model of the part, a 3D strip can be created quickly and easily, and also be communicated clearly throughout the work group using the free SolidWorks eDrawings® viewer before further detailing of the die without time wasted.

About 3D QuickTools Ltd.

3D QuickTools Ltd. was set up by a group of experienced tooling specialists and CAD/CAM programmers in 2002. Our mission is to enable tooling engineers to use the power of 3D design. The flagship product - 3DQuickPress got the support and applause from SolidWorks Corporation and many famous tooling companies even before the initial product launch. The die design system is based on SolidWorks platform to take the benefits of its powerful modeling capabilities. The company concentrates to develop trade-specific functions to make 3DQuickPress the best-in-class solution to the metal manufacturing industries.

Powerful Unfold

Powerful Unfold, a feature recognition technology, can handle native SolidWorks® sheet metal parts for imported data, and provide a knowledge base for spring back and bend allowance. Form features can save valuable time from die designs and give them more design productivity tasks.

Strip Layout Manager

Strip Layout Manager provides users with intuitive tools to quickly complete the strip simply by drag & drop command with instant graphical feedback.

Key functions

- Optimization
- Support multiple parts
- Notch punch design
- Split punch
- Mismatch undercuts
- Partial bend
- Insert/Delete stations
- Report on material utilization and center of cutting force

Die Set Design

Die Set Design begins after finishing the strip layout. 3DQuickPress® will automatically create all punches defined in the strip design.

Key functions

- User definable databases
- Automatic hole creation
- Tools for component placement
- Standard components library
- Support compound die and transfer die

Production-Ready-Libraries (PRL)

PRL assists users to insert home-made components into die sets structure with minimal manual operations.

Key functions

- Automatic punches & insert creation
- User defined punches and insert creation
- Standard parts & die sets library
- Create all openings in all plates automatically
- Automatic parts recognition to create an accurate BOM
- Sketch tools to assist in creating die openings and inserts

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Name: 3DQuickPress
Version: 5.1.0 for SolidWorks 2009-2011 (32bit)
Creator: www.3dquicktools.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 493.9 mb

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