Geoffrey Downes – Shadows and Reflections, 2003

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Geoffrey Downes – Shadows and Reflections
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1 Shadows
2 Reflections

‘Shadows & Reflections’ is the 5th solo release from renowned British keyboardist Geoff Downes, best known for his brilliant synth work with progressive rock legends Yes (where he replaced no less than Rick Wakeman), and later, with chart-topping rock supergroup Asia. While Downes solo career has covered a wide variety of styles (instrumental new age, vocal pop, classic rock covers), the music represented on ‘Shadows and Reflections’ finds him returning to the progressive/electronic style of his first solo album ‘The Light Program’. Although one difference is that this album takes on a more "stream of consciousness"/improvised approach than ‘The Light Program’, with Downes basically recording & composing live as the tracks unveiled themselves. Unlike some of Downes other releases, this one is truly a SOLO album - Downes synthesizers are front and center throughout, and no other musicians are featured. ‘Shadows and Reflections’ is not just the title of the album, it is the titles of the two individual epic-length compositions that are featured here, each lasting around the 30 minutes mark. The music is what some would call "new age", some would call "ambient", and yet others would call "electronic music" - but Mr. Downes seems to find his own voice within this style, not content to simply mimic Tangerine Dream / Vangelis / Kitaro as some lesser electronic artists tend to do. While the compositions do have a Tangerine Dream - like structure (in the sense that these are extended pieces where the mood shifts and progresses through different melodic sections), Downes playing style (and his unique arsenal of synth sounds) are so recognizable that we never forget who we are listening to. All in all, this is a highly recommended release that displays a different side of one of rock's premier keyboardists.
If you are an Asia fan who is looking into Geoff's solo work for the first time, then this is a great place to start (you may even recognize a few of the distinctive synth sounds that have been heard on Asia's albums ‘Arena’ & ‘Aura’!). If you are a progressive rock fan, then this represents some of Downes most experimental & expansive work...
~ Jeffery K. Matheus (IN, USA)

Geoff's new disc takes you on a colorful and interesting journey through cerebral places. This CD struck me right away as being a very intelligent and emotionally pure piece of art. It is great!
~ Russ Bellinger (FL, USA)

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This there is beautifully. Interesting, there is album G.Downes in DTS-sound? Thanks.