VHS or BETA - Bring On The Comets - 2007

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VHS or BETA - Bring On The Comets - 2007

VHS or BETA - Bring On The Comets
Genre: Rock, Dance Punk, Indie | CD | MP3 | CBR 320 | 98Mb

VHS or Beta is a band from Louisville, Kentucky, that combines elements of French funk and dance-punk. Their self-released debut, Le Funk, was a minor splash in the record charts but it wasn't until 2004's Night on Fire that the band achieved great success. The song of the same title is in the movie Grandma's Boy and on The OC, in addition to Mack Dawg Production's 2006 "Follow Me Around", during Louie Fountain's part. The band's members are guitarist/vocalist Craig Pfunder, bassist Mark Palgy, and drummer Mark Guidry. In 2005 they toured with Duran Duran. As per the official website, VHS or Beta is slated to release a new album, Bring On the Comets, on August 28, 2007.

1. Euglama
2. Love In My Pocket
3. She Says
4. Can't Believe A Single Word
5. Burn It All Down
6. Take It Or Leave It
7. Alpha Theta
8. Bring On The Comets
9. Fall Down Lightly
10. We Could Be One
11. Time Stands Still
12. The Stars Where We Came From

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