Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen

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Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen
MP3 | 320 kbps | 95+30 Mb | 1995

1. Everybody Knows - Don Henley
2. Coming Back to You - Trisha Yearwood
3. Sisters Of Mercy - Sting & The Chieftains
4. Halleluiah - Bono
5. Famous Blue Raincoat - Tori Amos
6. Ain't No Cure For Love - Aaron Neville
7. I'm Your Man - Elton John
8. Bird On A Wire - Willie Nelson
9. Suzanne - Peter Gabriel
10. Light As The Breeze - Billy Joel
11. If It Be Your Will - Jann Arden
12. Story Of Issac - Suzanne Vega
13. Coming Back To You - Martin Gore

Amazon Review
If ever an artist deserved the tribute-album treatment, it's Leonard Cohen, an intermittently fascinating songwriter but perhaps the worst singer to ever release more than one major-label album.Cohen has never written a song which couldn't be improved by someone else singing it, and it's no coincidence that he's been the subject of three tribute albums. The latest is Tower of Song, which turns Cohen's work over to such middle-brow pop stars as Don Henley, Billy Joel, and Suzanne Vega. The results from this new project are mixed. Melodramatic, angst-ridden vocals by Tori Amos ("Famous Blue Raincoat") and Peter Gabriel ("Suzanne") emphasize Cohen's narcissism and purple poetry. On the other hand, Elton John delivers a delightfully campy, irreverent reading of "I'm Your Man," and Sting joins the Chieftains for a nicely understated, Celtic-folk arrangement of "Sisters of Mercy." –Geoffrey Himes