The Bach album - Battle, Perlman

Posted By: EnzoF
The Bach album - Battle, Perlman

The Bach album - Battle, Perlman
M4A format | 320 kbps | 58 MB | 1CD | 1 hour
Recorded 1989-1990

THE BACH ALBUM is a beautiful and relaxing collection of Bach arias. Most of the pieces included in the collection are not instantly recognized by the average listener (I include myself in this category) which makes the collection unique and in my opinion gives the collection more of an appeal. I often use it as background music when I am trying to complete a project or wish to create a relaxing atmosphere. Listeners expect great musicianship from both Kathleen Battle and Itzhak Perlman and both deliver exceptional performances. Both compliment each other and neither seems to be competing for attention. The Orchestra of St. Luke's, under the direction of John Nelson supports the two principal musicians well. This album is a must for Bach lovers and anyone else who appreciates the musicianship of these two extraordinary talents.

1. Kantate BWV 197 No. 8: Vergnugen und Lust, Gedeihen und Heil
2. Kantate BWV 58 No. 3: Ich Bin Vergnugt In Meinem Leiden
3. Kantate BWV 204 No. 4: Die Schatzbarkeit Der Weiten Erden listen
4. Kanatate BWV 97 No. 4: Ich Rtaue Seiner Gnaden
5. Kantate BWV 115 No. 4: Bete Aber Auch Dabei
6. Kantate BWV 171 No. 4: Jesus Soll Mein Erstes Wort
7. Messe h-moll, BWV 232 No. 23: Benedictus, Qui Venit In Nomine Domini
8. Messe h-moll, BWV 232, No. 5: Laudamus Te
9. Kantate BWV 202 No. 5: Wenn Die Fruhlingslufte Streichen
10. Kantate BWV 36 No. 7: Auch Mit Gedampften, Schwachen Stimmen
11. Kantate BWV 187 No. 5: Gott Versorget Alles Leben
12. Kantate BWV 84 No. 3: Ich Esse Mit Freuden Mein Weniges Brot
13. Kantate BWV 105 No. 5: Kann Ich Nur Jesum Mir Zum Freunde Machen