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The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot (1977) [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - MFCD-804]
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Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab | Catalog#: MFCD-804 | Genre: Progressive rock, pop rock

I Robot is a progressive rock album recorded by The Alan Parsons Project, engineered by Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson in 1977. It was released by Arista Records in 1977 and re-released on CD in 1984 and 2007. It was intended to be based on the I, Robot stories written by Isaac Asimov, and Woolfson actually spoke with Asimov, who was enthusiastic about the idea. As the rights already had been granted to a TV/movie company, the album's title was altered slightly by removing the comma, and the theme and lyrics were made to be more generically about robots rather than specific to the Asimov universe.

Alan Parsons delivered a detailed blueprint for his Project on their 1975 debut, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, but it was on its 1977 follow-up, I Robot, that the outfit reached its true potential. Borrowing not just its title but concept from Isaac Asimov's classic sci-fi Robot trilogy, this album explores many of the philosophies regarding artificial intelligence -- will it overtake man, what does it mean to be man, what responsibilities do mechanical beings have to their creators, and so on and so forth -- with enough knotty intelligence to make it a seminal text of late-'70s geeks, and while it is also true that appreciating I Robot does require a love of either sci-fi or art rock, it is also true that sci-fi art rock never came any better than this. Compare it to Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, released just a year after this and demonstrating some clear influence from Parsons: that flirts voraciously with camp, but this, for all of its pomp and circumstance, for all of its overblown arrangements, this is music that's played deadly serious. Even when the vocal choirs pile up at the end of "Breakdown" or when the Project delves into some tight, glossy white funk on "The Voice," complete with punctuations from robotic voices and whining slide guitars, there isn't much sense of fun, but there is a sense of mystery and a sense of drama that can be very absorbing if you're prepared to give yourself over to it. The most fascinating thing about the album is that the music is restless, shifting from mood to mood within the course of a song, but unlike some art pop there is attention paid to hooks -- most notably, of course, on the hit "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You," a tense, paranoid neo-disco rocker that was the APP's breakthrough. It's also the closest thing to a concise pop song here -- other tunes have plenty of hooks, but they change their tempo and feel quickly, which is what makes this an art rock album instead of a pop album. And while that may not snare in listeners who love the hit (they should turn to Eye in the Sky instead, the Project's one true pop album), that sense of melody when married to the artistic restlessness and geeky sensibility makes for a unique, compelling album and the one record that truly captures mind and spirit of the Alan Parsons Project.

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine - AllMusic

Track listing

All tracks written by Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson; except "Total Eclipse" written by Andrew Powell

1. "I Robot" (instrumental) – 6:02

2. "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You" (lead vocal: Lenny Zakatek) – 3:22

3. "Some Other Time" (lead vocals: Peter Straker & Jaki Whitren) – 4:06

4. "Breakdown" (lead vocal: Allan Clarke) – 3:50

5. "Don't Let It Show" (lead vocal: Dave Townsend) – 4:24

6. "The Voice" (lead vocal: Steve Harley) – 5:24

7. "Nucleus" (instrumental) – 3:31

8. "Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)" (lead vocal: Jack Harris) – 3:49

9. "Total Eclipse" (instrumental) – 3:09

10. "Genesis Ch.1 v.32" (instrumental) – 3:28

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TOC of the extracted CD

Track | Start | Length | Start sector | End sector
1 | 0:00.00 | 5:59.30 | 0 | 26954
2 | 5:59.30 | 3:23.18 | 26955 | 42197
3 | 9:22.48 | 4:05.65 | 42198 | 60637
4 | 13:28.38 | 3:53.17 | 60638 | 78129
5 | 17:21.55 | 4:25.58 | 78130 | 98062
6 | 21:47.38 | 5:21.17 | 98063 | 122154
7 | 27:08.55 | 3:31.18 | 122155 | 137997
8 | 30:39.73 | 3:49.32 | 137998 | 155204
9 | 34:29.30 | 3:13.38 | 155205 | 169717
10 | 37:42.68 | 3:33.70 | 169718 | 185762

Track 1

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Track 2

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Track 3

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Track 4

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Track 5

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Track 6

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Track 7

Filename D:\EAC FLAC FILES\07 - Nucleus.wav

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Track 8

Filename D:\EAC FLAC FILES\08 - Day After Day (The Show Must Go On).wav

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Track 9

Filename D:\EAC FLAC FILES\09 - Total Eclipse.wav

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Track 10

Filename D:\EAC FLAC FILES\10 - Genesis CH. 1 V. 32.wav

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All tracks accurately ripped

No errors occurred

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*Arranged By [Orchestra, Choir], Conductor – Andrew Powell
*Artwork By [Illustration] – Richard Manning
*Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals [Additional] – David Paton
*Choir – English Chorale, The, New Philharmonia Chorus, The*
*Chorus Master – Bob Howes
*Cimbalom, Kantele – John Leach
*Contractor [Orchestral] – David Katz
*Design [Cover], Photography – Hipgnosis (2)
*Design [Robot] – George Hardie
*Drums, Percussion, Vocals [Additional] – Stuart Tosh
*Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals [Additional] – Ian Bairnson
*Engineer [Assistant] – Pat Stapley
*Engineer [Assistant], Mastered By [U.k.] – Chris Blair
*Engineer, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizer [Projectron], Vocoder, Vocals [Additional] – Alan Parsons
*Executive Producer – Eric Woolfson
*Keyboards – Duncan MacKay
*Keyboards, Synthesizer [Projectron], Vocoder, Vocals [Additional] – Eric Woolfson
*Producer – Alan Parsons
*Steel Guitar – B. J. Cole*
*Vocals – Allan Clarke, David Townsend*, Jack Harris, Jaki Whitren, Lenny Zakatek, Peter Straker, Steve Harley
*Vocals [Additional] – Hilary Western, John Perry (7), Smokey Parsons, Stuart Calver, Tony Rivers
*Written-By – Parsons* (tracks: 1 to 8, 10), Powell* (tracks: 9), Woolfson* (tracks: 1 to 8, 10)

Original Release Date: June 1977
Recorded: January – March 1977 at Abbey Road Studios
CD Released Date: 1984 by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Format: CD, Album, Remastered
Length: 41:16
Producer: Alan Parsons

CD Rip by TheGoose31

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