Swod - Gehen - 2004

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Swod - Gehen - 2004

Swod - Gehen
Genre: Electronic, Experimental | CD | MP3 | VBR ~240Kbps | 75.4Mb
Swod is the recording project of Oliver Doerell and Stephan Wöhrmann, two accomplished musicians who met in Berlin sometime in 1991. Oliver plays guitar, bass and all manner of electronics - he is also a long-time family member of City Centre Offices having recorded an album and an E.P. under the DICTAPHONE moniker in between composing and performing musical pieces for theatre, installations and film over the last few years. Stephan plays piano and drums, arranging an almost neo-classical structure within a recording that already sounds ghostly and cinematic.

1. Intro
2. Fugitif 1
3. Nein
4. Gehen
5. Fugitif 2
6. Attends
7. Tucholskystr.34
8. I Think He Was A Journalist
9. Hochbahn
10. Walz 57