Studio One 100% Dynamite & Studio One 200% Dynamite

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Studio One 100% Dynamite & Studio One 200% Dynamite
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Why is Studio One considered the most important place of golden ska and reggae years in the 60's and 70's? Self the tracklists of this two samplers remastered by Soul Jazz Records UK give the clear answer. Reggae meets Soul meets Funk meets R'n'B. If you want to go beyond Bob Marley – this would be the right choice...



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original news: http://www.souljazzrecords.co.uk/releases/?id=212

100% Dynamite

Various Artists


1. Willie Williams - Armageddon Time
2. The Maytals - Night & Day Play
3. The Marvels - Rock Steady
4. The Upsetters - Popcorn
5. Tommy Mccook - Green Mango
6. Brentford Allstars - Greedy G
7. Lennie Hibbert - Real Hot
8. Johnny Osbourne - We Need Love Play
9. Jackie Mittoo - Stereo Freeze
10. Cedric Im Brooks - Give Rasta Glory
11. Sound Dimension - Granny Scratch Scratch
12. Phiyllis Dillon - Woman Of The Ghetto
13. Lloyd Robinson - Cuss Cuss
14. Sound Dimension - Drum Song


100% Dynamite explores the links between Reggae, Jazz, Funk and Soul. Where Nu Yorica and Chicano Power focusses on Latin music, Soul Jazz Record's new compilation 100% Dynamite does the same for Reggae. The album is jam-packed with Reggae tunes that have crossed-over and become cult dancefloor hits in clubland such as "Greedy G", "Rocksteady" and "Granny Scratch Scratch".

Fourteen tracks of music that show the influence that American Jazz, Funk and Soul music has had on Jamaican Reggae. The proximity of the West Indies to the USA meant that many Jamaican musicians would continue to be influenced by American styles of music whilst at the same time continuing to define new styles of their own such as Ska, Rocksteady and Dub.

100% Dynamite features come serious Jamaican funk by Jackie Mittoo, The Brentford All-Stars, The Upsetters and Toots & The Maytals, the cream of Jamaica's jazz musicians such as Tommy McCook, Cedric Brooks and Lennie Hibbert and also features revolutionary tunes such as "Armageddon Time", "Drum Song" and "Cuss Cuss", songs which helped define a unique sound for Jamaican music in the sixties and seventies.

100% Dynamite is also the name of a club Soul Jazz Records have been running for the past year and this has been the inspiration for this album of the same name. Collected here are fourteen killer tracks that have rocked the crowd!


original news: http://www.souljazzrecords.co.uk/releases/?id=189

200% Dynamite

Various Artists


1. Augustus Pablo - Rockers Rock
2. K.c. White - No, No, No,
3. Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm (hip Hop Mix)
4. Tommy Mccook - Heatwave
5. U Roy - Tom Drunk
6. Toots & Themaytals - Funky Kingston
7. Prince Buster - Sit & Wonder
8. Jackie Mittoo - Earthquake
9. Hopeton Lewis - Sounds & Pressure
10. Byron Lee - Hot Reggae
12. The Skatalites - Herb Man Dub Play
13. Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations - Bewitched
14. Dawn Penn - Are You There
15. The Abyssinians - Mandela
16. Boris Gardner - Melting Pot
17. The Upsetters - Live Injection


Jam-packed with Reggae tunes that have crossed-over and become cult dancefloor hits in clubland such as "Ring The Alarm" and "Funky Kingston", 200% Dynamite explores the links between Reggae, Jazz, Funk and Soul.

200% Dynamite is the second compilation in the series of records released on Soul Jazz Records that focus on the history of Jamaican music. Carrying on perfectly from 100% Dynamite, this new compilation simply features more funk - soul - rocksteady - jazz - dub and ska tracks tracing the history of Jamaican Reggae and the influence of American styles such as Funk and Jazz had on this music.

200% Dynamite features some serious Funk and Rocksteady from the likes of The Upsetters and Toots and The Maytals throught to long out-of-print cult club classics such as Tenor Saw's mighty "Ring The Alarm" and the Skatalites much in demand funk classic "Candlelight", through to Jamaican Jazz from masters such as Tommy McCook and Byron Lee as well as some serious dub from the likes of Augustus Pablo and Jackie Mittoo.

Whereas 100% Dynamite took tracks mainly from Studio One, 200% Dynamite delves further into Jamaica's classic labels such as Treasure Isle, Techniques and the Upsetter label.

Taking music primarily from the Sixties and Seventies, 200% Dynamite takes you further into Jamaica's music such as Ska, Rocksteady, Dub etc, showing at the same time how the proximity to the USA meant that Jamaican musicians were still being influenced by US styles such as Funk, Jazz and Soul.

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