Burning Spear - The Burning Spear Experience (2007)

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Burning Spear - The Burning Spear Experience (2007)

Burning Spear - The Burning Spear Experience (2007)
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Spanning from early Studio One cuts to live performances from last year, "The Burning Spear Experience" is an acknowledgement of an extraordinary life in music. This is a vital collection of songs which, no matter how familiar, still have the power to send shivers down the listener's spine decades after first hearing them.

In an era in which musical careers are measured in weeks and months rather than years, and image triumphs over substance, Burning Spear is an anomaly - the "real thing" in an industry full of fakes and illusionists. (Douglas Heselgrave - cd cover)

Tracklist cd 1:
01. On The Inside
02. Music Business
03. Experience
04. Jah Rasta
05. Burning Reggae
06. Marcus Garvey (Live In Australia)
07. Institution
08. Business Dub
09. My Roots (Jamaica Version)
10. Loving Day-Part Two
11. Driver (Live In Australia)
12. Cry Blood (Jamaica Version)
Total time: 56:55

Tracklist cd 2:
01. I Am In
02. Man In The Hills (Live In Australia)
03. So Clean
04. Negril
05. Pieces Of Dub
06. Repartition
07. Happy Day-Part Two
08. Throw Down Your Arms (Jamaica Version)
09. Trust
10. Creation Rebel-Part Two
11. Come In Peace
12. Door Peep (Live In New Mexico)
13. We Been There
Total time: 67:47