Sacred Treasures III - Choral Masterworks from Russia and Beyond (HOS 2000)

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Sacred Treasures III - Choral Masterworks from Russia and Beyond (HOS 2000)

Sacred Treasures - Choral Masterworks from Russia and Beyond (HOS 1998)
Classical, Sacred, Vocal | APE (Single Tracks) dBPoweramp | 1CD/262MB |

"What could be more sublime than a wall of dark, rotund Russian voices shimmering against the rising, ornate walls of a great cathedral? Not much, and this compilation of absolutely magnificent music proves it. The label Hearts of Space returns on this third choral collection to the ominous Slavic chant of their first choral album, Sacred Treasures I, which gathered together recordings of stunning Bulgarian and Russian choirs portraying the sacred works of Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, and other composers. Whereas Treasures I pulled from varied sections of sacred liturgies, including solo passages, Treasures III most often stays in harmonic chant with select voices occasionally rising and rolling in polyphonic heavenly calls. The collective voice draws the emotive tension taut here, as on Rimsky-Korsakov's "Our Father," which uses the absence of darkness to later juxtapose bold, rising drama. The Kiev chant "Blessed Art Thou O Lord" sends chills down the spine as the whispering consonants of the Russian language skip across the ancient repetition like sand skitters over a stormy beach. This is a collection as breathtakingly beautiful as the Cathedral of the Dormition itself. Not to be missed."

Karen K. Hugg -
Album Information
Composer: Anonymous, Johann Sebastian Bach, Russian Orthodox Chant, Yosif Ketchakhmadze, Sergey Rachmaninov, et al.
Performer: Irina Arkhipova, Victor Rumantsev
Audio CD (February 22, 2000)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Hearts of Space
ASIN: B00003XB5E

Tracklist and Samples
Listen - 01 - Alleluia, Behold The Bridegroom
Listen - 02 - Sourp Sourp (Holy Holy)
Listen - 03 - Lord Have Mercy
Listen - 04 - The Mercy Of Peace (Excerpts)
Listen - 05 - Komm Susser Tod (Bach)
Listen - 06 - Serenade
Listen - 07 - Grant Us This O Lord
Listen - 08 - Our Father
Listen - 09 - Gloria (Excerpt)
Listen - 10 - Peaceful Light (Kiev Chant)
Listen - 11 - Praise The Lord O My Soul (Greek Chant)
Listen - 12 - Blessed Art Thou O Lord (Kiev Chant)
Listen - 13 - Chorale Listen
Listen - 14 - Amen Alleluia

Sacred Treasures III - Choral Masterworks from Russia and Beyond (HOS 2000)

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